Venezuela Supports Venezuelans Stranded at the Colombian Border (Covid-19 Crisis in Colombia)

Hundreds of Venezuelans were left adrift in Colombia at the closure of the border executed by the president of the neighboring country, Iván Duque allegedly as a measure to contain coronavirus while doing almost nothing inside his country.

This action was described by the protector of Táchira, Freddy Bernal, as inhuman and lacking solidarity, because the government of the bordering country, did not want to provide any support to these citizens, so that they could return to Venezuela under normal conditions.

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For this reason, people had to use the so-called illegal trails, to return to the homeland and while on Venezuelan soil they are being located by law enforcement agencies and they receive all the necessary epidemiological care for Covid-19.

Primarily, Bernal explained, they are subjected to epidemiological tests, to rule out any possibility that they have contracted the coronavirus in the neighboring town of Cúcuta.

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Bernal indicated that the officials will continue to be deployed along the border with Colombia and on the illegal trails, to take care of any other similar case that may be found, with the entry of other Venezuelans from Colombia.

To conclude, he pointed out that a census is also carried out, to determine the place of origin of these people and to articulate with Transtáchira (bus system), to carry out their transfer to their states of residence.

Featured image: A Venezuelan woman tries to cross the border by the river towards Venezuela, near the Simón Boíivar Bridge, in Cúcuta. AP

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Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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