President Maduro Reported 7 New Covid-19 Cases Today for a 204 Total

The Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, reported on Thursday, April 16, 7 new cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in the country for a total of 204 cases. Four of the new cases are Cuban doctors, who worked in Guarenas, Miranda state. He reported that 111 are recovered (54 percent) and 84 cases are active: 37 are in Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDIs), 25 in public hospitals, 20 in private clinics and 2 in hotels.

The Venezuelan president reported on the cases. These four cases are the Cuban collaborators, who work in Guarenas and were infected by having contact with a Cuban nurse who tested positive days ago. All four are admitted to the CDI of La California Sur, Sucre municipality, Miranda state:

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  • 36 year old nurse. Mild acute respiratory failure and treatment.
  • 52 year old nurse. She currently has moderate-acute respiratory failure and treatment.
  • 57-year-old nurse, with symptoms since April 13: headache and general discomfort. Mild-acute respiratory failure, with personalized treatment.
  • Dentist, 37 years old, presented with headache, muscle aches and general discomfort. He has mild acute failure.


  • 14-year-old girl, resident in Artigas (San Juan parish, Caracas). Student. She is the daughter of one of the workers of the security company that offers services to Empresas Polar executives, of which seven other cases have been registered. She was admitted to the Hugo Chávez Maternal Hospital, where tests were done and she was positive. Then she was referred to a private clinic. Maduro indicated that all measures have been taken so that the virus does not spread in the community.
  • 17-year-old girl, from the Morán municipality (El Tocuyo, Lara). Student. She has no travel history, who has infected her is not yet clear. She developed fever, cough, and respiratory distress. She was taken to the CDI La Guajirita. She is currently asymptomatic, and she is being transferred to the sentinel hospital in Sarare, Lara state.
  • 40-year-old woman in Nueva Esparta state, a city hall worker in Maneiro. Symptoms are cough, general malaise. She was admitted to the CDI Santa Ana. She is currently asymptomatic.

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The Venezuelan head of state updated the numbers of people who have filled out the survey on Covid-19 in the System of the Patria System, indicating that 18,406,747 people have filled out the online consultation, which has allowed the determination that 160,013 people must be visited at their homes for physical check-ups, and of these, 155,099 have been visited. 22,171 have presented various symptoms and have undergone further examination.

Maduro also reported that 268,503 tests of the Covid-19 coronavirus have been carried out in Venezuela.

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