President Maduro: Venezuela Has Developed a Drug that 100% Cancels COVID-19

The Venezuelan President said it is based on the DR10 molecule, which is used as a treatment for hepatitis C and the human papillomavirus (HPV), as well as other diseases.

President Nicolás Maduro announced that the Venezuelan Center for Scientific Research (IVIC) has managed to develop a medicine that cancels COVID-19 “by 100%.”

The drug is based on the DR10 molecule used as a treatment for hepatitis C, human papillomavirus, and other diseases.

“Today I can officially say that this molecule… has been tested for COVID-19, all the investigations have been done… Said study lasted six months, resulting in the 100% annihilation of the COVID-19 virus,” the president stressed this Sunday, October 25, from La Guaira state.

“I want to say that Venezuela has developed a medicine that 100% cancels the coronavirus.” He said it shows no toxicity.

“The route is proceeding to be built so the results obtained by the IVIC can be ratified through the World Health Organization (WHO).”

He announced that “international alliances will be prepared for the massive production of this molecule, and to contribute to it on a global scale as a cure for the virus.”


Featured image: Venezuelan scientists from IVIC have been working for months with international teams decoding the COVID-19 genome. File photo.


Translation: OT/ JRE/SL

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