Puebla Group Calls for Respect of Electoral Results in Peru

On Friday, June 11, the Puebla Group congratulated candidate Pedro Castillo of the Peru Libre party for his electoral victory in the June 6 presidential election of Peru, and called on all sides and institutions to respect the popular will expressed at the polls.

In an official statement published on Friday, this progressive Ibero-American alliance, which includes two incumbent presidents, several former presidents and a myriad of personalities from 16 countries, asked the representatives of all Peruvian institutions to respect the popular vote without any conditions or restrictions.

The statement pointed out that, in the climate of polarization in which the electoral process has developed, it is imperative for all political and institutional actors to accept the result of the election and reject any type of plans or calls for a future destabilization of democracy in the Andean nation.

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”Suffrage is a fundamental pillar of democracy that legitimizes the exercise of political power, guaranteeing the right of all citizens to choose their constituents,” mentioned the statement of the aforementioned group which was founded in 2019 in the Mexican city of Puebla.

The members of the Group affirmed that the June 6 election was a historic opportunity to restore confidence in democratic institutions that, in recent years, suffered from a serious credibility crisis that undermined the democratic stability of Peru.

”We express our admiration and support for the brave Peruvian people who have demonstrated their commitment in favor of a new beginning, in the midst of one of the worst political and social crises in their recent history,” added the statement. The members of the Puebla Group also made clear that they offer Castillo their support and willingness to collaborate for the success of his government.

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According to latest news from Peru, virtual president-elect Castillo has described as illegal the measures of ballot recount contemplated by the National Electoral Jury (JNE), condemning that such moves would facilitate the efforts of his rival, Keiko Fujimori, to reverse his victory at the polls.

”If it is true that the JNE intends to extend the deadline for the demands of nullification of the electoral records, this would be violating the electoral law,” expressed Castillo, winner of the official vote count of second round of the presidential election held last Sunday.


Featured image: The Puebla Group, formed by representatives of the Ibero-American political left and founded in the city of Puebla, Mexico, have urged all sides to respect the result of the Peruvian presidential election. File photo.

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