Evo Morales Denounces Coup Plan in Peru

Former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales has decried that a hidden coup plot is being developed in Peru. He made this comment in regard to the uncertainty generated around the recount of ballots of the Peruvian presidential election held last Sunday, in which Pedro Castillo stands as virtual president-elect.

”We are concerned that a coup plot is hidden behind the review of the voting records in Peru, to steal the victory from the Peruvian people who elected their government at the polls with dignity and sovereignty,” wrote Morales on Twitter.

The Bolivian leader described this as ”an attack on democracy that threatens regional stability.”

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The day previous to the tweet, supporters and allies of neoliberal candidate Keiko Fujimori intensified their pressure on the National Electoral Jury (JNE) of Peru, as Fujimori’s demand to annul 200,000 votes was aired on media.

In a tweet, the president of JNE, Jorge Luis Salas, announced that the agreement of extension of dates for the presentation of annulment appeals granted on Friday morning was annulled, therefore, the deadline expired on Wednesday, June 9.

Official sources affirm that the virtual winner of the presidential elections in Peru, Pedro Castillo, achieved first place with 100% of the electoral records processed.

Castillo achieved an electoral preference of 50.19%, a figure slightly higher than the 49.80% achieved by Fuerza Popular candidate, Keiko Fujimori.

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Left-wing movements in the region have already made public statements in favor of upholding the results of the elections in the South American nation.

Through a statement, the Puebla Group urged the representatives of all Peruvian institutions to respect the popular vote without any conditions.

The Puebla Group pointed out that, due to the climate of polarization in which the electoral process was held in the Andean nation, it is imperative for all political and institutional actors to accept the results of the elections and reject any type of plans or calls for future destabilizations of democracy in Peru.



Featured Image: Evo Morales, former president of Bolivia, expressed his concerns over the counting of votes in Peru. Photo: Reuters.

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