Roy Chaderton: Venezuela Could be a Deadly Trap for the Empire

The diplomat says that “in the opposition butt-heads rule” and expresses his amazement at the chavistas’ joy.


The interview turned into an entertaining talk surrounded by friendly journalists. Roy Chaderton Matos was thoughtful, cordial, kind and very talkative. In his analysis he showed more his characteristics as a politician rather than as a diplomat. He is cunning with words and bold in his judgments.

– Is the invasion possible?
-I do not know if the United States is able or willing to absorb another Vietnam.

-What assessment do you make of Venezuela’s current international policy?
-It is at its most vigorous and most combative moment.

-How do you evaluate the opposition?
-Lame and incomprehensible. Lame for the degree of misery that means the will to betray the country and miserable for the very condition of that state of submission to a foreign power. In addition to the detail that the opposition is currently directed by the most radical and has managed to silence, gag or blackmail the allegedly more moderate, that is incomprehensible. It’s incomprehensible how a small party of the extreme right, fascist with an openly “crypto-Nazi” background, can drag parties of long tradition in the country that have more moderate attitudes.

– Eduardo Fernández and Claudio Fermín have made statements recently.
-That must be acknowledged and applauded in order to demonstrate the despicable condition of the right-wing opposition.

– What opinion do you deserve the adecos that so far have not said a word?
– It is very interesting that Ramos Allup has not said a word about this, he is a kind of “Illuminati” and heir of the old guard of Democratic Action. But it is also strange that he is overshadowed or silenced by a right-wing, uneducated, and badly-spoken boy, and not because he says bad words, but because he does not know how to speak, as is the case with Mr. Guaidó. A few days ago I was talking with a friend about a musical group that sang a gringo song called The Bather Bird in the 70s that sounded like bababum, baba; bababum, baba and that is the way this young Guaidó speaks, which reflects that he is not used to reading, besides, he belongs to a generation that has been able to do newspaper readings with which even good spelling could be achieved by reading “El Nacional” (Venezuelan right wing newspaper) few years ago, but no, you can see that he does not even read El Nacional. I insist that they are uneducated.

-It’s notable that in the middle of this critical situation a leader of dubious category emerges.
-It is that the enemy wants him weak, fragile, inconsistent. They want him incomplete and want him temporary. They want him radical, not rational because in rationality there would be a bit of sobriety.

– How would you see a candidacy of Leopoldo López?
-In the same way as I saw young fascists waiting under a temperature of 40 degrees at the corner of the main avenue of Caurimare with El Cafetal flying or brandishing banners of an organization called “Tradition, Family and Property” (a neo nazi organization of the 80’s in Venezuela in which Lopez was active member). They are a group of fanatics and young fascists.

-How can this conflict end in relation to Colombia?
-At some moment Colombia is going to suffer an implosion. There is much speculation about the role of Colombia’s intervention in Venezuela playing the United States’s game. I am part of the Pedro Carreño brigade, I say that if they go into Venezuela, we go into Colombia and reach the Pacific Ocean. There is something interesting in the history of Venezuela that is never talked about, not even the sharpest analysts do: the War of Independence of Venezuela occurred on the Pacific side. We freed the Pacific countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru. Then we would go back to the Pacific.

– If we succeed in this situation, we must assume that role of uniting the Gran Colombia?
-Chávez did much to recover the lost Bolivarian spaces, in the sense of exercising a policy beyond the base of operations, but that has fallen off a bit due to the onslaught of the right on the continent. We have lost spaces and we must recover them, I think there are some possibilities this year, depending on how things are handled. We have lost spaces inexplicably. I can not understand how Lula is sentenced to 14 years in prison and that he has lost the effort and progressive achievements, without heating the streets. The Brazilians let themselves be carried away, which is not the case in Venezuela, here we are fighting. We are making it difficult to the empire and its lackeys.

– Can you expound on your opinion of the implosion in Colombia?
-Yes, because I wonder how long the Colombian people will endure what the oligarchy does to them? It is already too long and the results of Petro’s elections have been very promising, reaching eight million votes in a country where the electoral systems are completely rigged and controlled by the oligarchy and, nevertheless, atop that, a promising result, I repeat.

-What do you think about the peace process in Colombia?
– The peace process is a scam witnessed by the Colombian people, because in the referendum, the alternative of peace lost and, however, by a typical Colombian constitutional maneuver, where legalism reigns, (the process) ended up being institutionalized. Then there were many irregularities, curious things. That Nobel Peace Prize is a scam on the international community and a swindle of the boobies of the jury in Oslo, in Norway.

– How do you see the situation in the country?
-Promising. From this we will leave hardened, tanned and illuminated. This nightmare is going to pass away because we have been avoiding all obstacles one after the other.

– How do you think all this will end up?
-In peace, God willing.

– What message would you send to our ordinary people who are going through many difficulties?
-The ordinary people have learned a lot. Three or four years ago when we began to denounce the economic war, nobody believed us. Now for the simple people the Homeland is first, which is the opposite of the opposition, which rather joyfully invites the foreign invasion. My message to the people is to continue on the streets. I would like the militia to be strengthened. The concept of war of the people is an original concept product of military geniuses, that perhaps has its genesis first in Vietnam, then Cuba, which is potentially prepared for the war of the people and we are too. It is not easy to invade a territory where, apart from high-tech weapons and equipment, there are a million or two million rifles. That is not easy for an invading army,

– What do you think will be the next step for the United States in its aggression against Venezuela?
-Eventually it could let this fade and fade away, but if I knew the formula I would not tell it. The United States is a country that is bogged down in mud, as in the case of the wars in Syria and Libya. From Syria they are withdrawing. The number of deaths that they have caused in Afghanistan is greater than the number of deaths that occurred on September 11. It is an empire that has unintelligent people at the forefront. It is a country that does not produce statesmen, with odd exceptions. The United States is not a country of thinkers. That is a subject for analysis. It is a country of wonderful artists, creators, scientists, technologists. The United States is governed by the gang of four: they are, putting aside Trump, Pence, Bolton, Marco Rubio and Pompeo. Notice that the foreign policy of the United States is directed by police minded people, it is not the case of Trump, but of Pompeo and Bolton who are characters that come from the surroundings of the CIA. They are policemen and they have a police mentality and culture. Pence comes from the Congress, but in any case there is a band of the four

– What are your plans for the Pedro Gual Institute of High Diplomatic Studies?
-Educate and learn. We are surrounding ourselves with a group of luminous Venezuelans, thinkers, historians and politicians. High-level people who do not look anything like slogan repeaters. So from the Pedro Gual we are doing something, absorbing those characters.

– Does Chavismo have a future?
– Yes, and in the opposition the butt-heads rule.

-What do you think about the communication policy of the State?
-There are serious flaws and mismanagement of the propaganda. It is very serious that the miseries of the enemy are not exhibited, just as they invent miseries that we do not have. We could make a tour of Washington, one block from the White House, in the cold winter you will see the beggars, dragging shopping carts with as much crap as they can incorporate. When Rajoy lost the parliamentary elections, we did not do anything but only dedicated just one day on him when they have a sustained campaign against Venezuela. We did not do anything. Evictions are a horrible thing, for example. That’s horrible. These are issues that have not been presented. I see almost every day a great cultural program from Deutsche Welle, but it does not give balanced information about the country. I see the European colonialists as thieves and murderers, for how they came to Latin America to steal. Our counterattack has been very bad, there have been many missed opportunities. We have failed in the propaganda.

-Which of all the experiences as a diplomat has marked you?
-The battles in the OAS, the peace negotiations in Colombia. One day reviewing my curriculum I realized that all my diplomatic history has been linked to peace dialogues of a different nature and to Colombia. Together or separately. From the beginning I was involved with the topic of Colombia because, for those curious things, when I was 15 years old I joined Copei and I got into a circle of studies by Jorge Eliécer Gaitán. They are good memories.

-What is the human value that you most appreciate?
-I would say elements, which are love and solidarity. We should add humor. I am amazed by the joy of chavismo and the sadness of the opposition in its marches. We are a party and when you see With the Mazo Dando , which is one of the most watched programs on Venezuelan television, you realize that you have a lot of humor. Diosdado is the typical oriental (Venezuelan easterner) and I see it well oriented. He will be a presidential candidate one day and will compete with Héctor Rodríguez. Diosdado has charisma and leadership qualities.

– Are you sarcastic?
-Yes. Once a lady wanted to offend me by telling me that I was not ironic but sarcastic. It is that many times I have been attacked and I have had to resort to my condition as a warrior. But there is also the other, which is the filigree of the diplomat. In an answer I gave to Carlos Fuentes, when he was constantly attacking Chávez, I responded by playing with the titles of his novels, without naming him. I told him “he changed his skin”, he abandoned “the most transparent region”, he has the “aura” of the convert and ended up becoming an “old gringo”, which are titles of his most emblematic novels. He fell into the provocation and I do not have the height of him, he should have let me go unnoticed because that was in a meeting at the National University of Mexico. It called me out on the editorial page of El Excelsior and he called me something like the “buffoon of the jester” so that he qualified me to play in the big leagues, even if it was in a single game. That was an important moment in my career as a politician, rather than as diplomat. Regarding that anecdote, the president of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico congratulated me because Carlos Fuentes, with his genius and his height, but also with his arrogance, offended many people.

Minimal biography
He was born on August 17, 1942. Diplomat, and more than diplomat, politician, as he defines himself. He is a lawyer graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Central University of Venezuela. He was chancellor of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and representative of Venezuela at the UN. His first mission was during the government of former President Rafael Caldera, in Poland. He was a Copeyano, now he is a member of the PSUV, he is a Christian. Music lover.  He confesses to being a good citizen. He said that the best definition someone made of him was the one made by Aristóbulo (Istúriz) when he said that he was a “serious joker”. He says that “every diplomat has to be a politician, but not every politician has to be a diplomat. I see myself as a politician. I dominate the arts of diplomacy, but my inspiration is politics, as well as my representation of the interests of the country is political. I do not see myself circulating among halls, counters and tinsels. ” Tell the anecdote between a parliamentarian of the House of Lords and Winston Churchill. She told the British statesman that if he were her husband, she would put poison in the tea to which he replied that if she were his wife, he would take it.


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