Stop the Madness

The so-called Grupo de Lima does not know about our sovereignty over the Atlantic facade and a good part of the opposition applauds; the Governor of the Zulia State says that a “transition government” would declare that State independent. Serious follies!

By Elias Jaua Milano

Whoever serves as President of the National Assembly calls him President in charge of Venezuela and he lets himself be called that; a group of intelligence service officials, unilaterally and illegally, capture this deputy in the middle of a highway. Dangerous follies! It is necessary to recognize the timely and decisively democratic response of President Maduro’s government.

There is an unfortunate and repugnant attack in Colombia, resulting in deaths and injuries, and the irresponsible deputy Julio Borges, without any evidence, involves the Venezuelan government, putting our national security at risk. Crime of “lesa Patria”!

On January 23, 2019, it is announced as the day, again, of the “final battle”; while the people fight their daily battle for transport, electricity, food, medicine and try to heal the wounds they have left is a long confrontation, creating, inventing, producing with their nails and fighting with passion. The creative madness of our people that will provoke new situations, better situations!

Out of respect for that people, with whom I fight and to which I am more connected every day in their daily lives, I write this article. Comandante Chávez always told us that the most we had to take care of revolutionaries was not to reduce our struggle to two political elites fighting for “coroto” (power). He insisted that a revolution was true if the people were the protagonists of the battle for social transformation and if they felt vindicated in the balance of that battle: Living with equality, with justice, with dignity, with rights, with rights to live well, with real power to decide their destiny.

Our people today aspire to preserve Venezuela independent, sovereign; defend the good achieved in the Bolivarian Revolution and recover political, economic and social stability, recover a daily life humanly rewarding. This requires their effort and struggle, but above all the maturity of their leaders. We must stop the destructive madness.

Stop the madness to stop the dangerous game that raises that in Venezuela there are two Presidents. The President of the Republic elected, sworn in and in the best of constitutional practice is Nicolás Maduro Moros. From this recognition, political and legal, it is necessary to advance agreements that allow the harmonious functioning of all Public Powers in function of the general interest.

To stop the madness means to stop putting in an auction the territorial and economic sovereignty of our Homeland in exchange for the Political Power. Venezuela and its territorial and economic integrity is above group interests, however legitimate they may be.

Stopping the madness implies attending as a priority the needs of the people, who clamor in the streets to contain the escalation of prices of essential goods; for a better functioning of public services and for the dismantling, at all levels, of mafias of any kind that humiliate and exploit it. Returning to the Venezuelan family the tranquility it deserves, requires a national agreement to dismantle the foreign aggression and execute the deep political and economic rectifications to which all the actors are obliged.

Come back, the people demand it, the people need it. Let us all go back to the democratic, institutional space, to the basic rules of the economy, to the patriotic conscience that this complex moment that we are going through as a Nation requires.

The Republic can not be lost in the hands of this generation. The Chavistas, the Socialists and beyond, all the Venezuelan patriots are obliged to build the conditions so that Venezuela, facing the coming decade of this 21st century, will emerge Independent, sovereign, free , prospers, steep towards its greatness. God willing, our conscience will be like that. We continue on the streets, fighting alongside the people!

Source URL: YVKE Mundial

Translated by JRE/AR

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