Supreme Court Reiterates: Acts of AN in Contempt are Null

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) indicated that the National Assembly (AN) in contempt violated the Constitution by disregarding the judicial powers; executive; electoral; and the sovereign: the people of Venezuela.

“The National Assembly does not have a valid board of directors and all its acts are null and void due to usurpation of authority,” said the Supreme Court of Justice on Monday, in light of the recent actions of the board of directors of the National Assembly against the Constitution of the country.

This was stated by the second vice president of the Constitutional Chamber of the TSJ, Juan José Mendoza, who said that the AN ignores the judiciary, when disregarding its rulings; it does not recognize the electoral power, for which Nicolás Maduro was elected, proclaimed and sworn in as Venezuela’s head of state; it does not recognize the executive power; and it does not recognize the sovereign power, that is, the people of Venezuela who chose their president by popular vote.

Therefore, the TSJ reported that the parliamentary acts that occurred on Saturday, January 5 and Wednesday, January 9 of this year, on the appointment of the new board of directors in contempt of court, were voided. “It is inadmissible to usurp powers by modifying forms of State and Government,” said the Court.

Mendoza affirmed that it corresponds to the Attorney General’s Office to determine the criminal, civil and administrative responsibilities, in accordance with the Magna Carta, against those responsible for this constitutional violation. And whoever opposes them, risks to activate the mechanisms of legitimate disobedience, indicated in the Constitution, he added.

It’s important to highlight that this is a decision that has been reiterated every year since 2016 but the relevant elements containing this one is the reference to allowing the Attorney General’s office to know about the legal implications of such decisions and take action.

Source URL: Telesur with OT content

Translated by JRE/AR

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