The Cyber Attack , the “Unnameable” Guaidó and the Bolivarian Revolution

With a schizophrenic replay that reads “all options are on the table”: the guarimbas, the Security Council of the UN, the OAS, the Lima cartel, the US “sanctions”, the “humanitarian crisis” on the border, the economic and financial blockade, etc., the main hawks of the imperialist pentagon (Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Elliott Abrams, Marco Rubio) who operate the hitherto frustrated coup d’etat against Venezuela, before deciding whether to go whether or not to play his last card – direct military intervention, in coalition, for example, with Colombia or through an army of hired mercenaries – unleashed a brutal cyber and electromagnetic attack on March 7, directed from the cities of Houston and Chicago as reported by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros, and confirmed (in theory) by a contributor to the US business magazine Forbes, Kalev Leetaru ( -very-realistic-thinking-us-government-launch-a-cyber-attack-against-venezuelas-electricity-grid) admitting for his part that this attack could come from abroad, against the facilities of the hydroelectric complex “Guri” in the Bolivar State of the country with very serious effects for most of the national population that was without power for almost 5 days and with problems of water supply among other ills in hospitals, homes and schools, in addition to the problems and disruptions of public transport (metro systems) and telecommunications in the country, such as internet and social networks.

The imperialist commanders, the Unnamable and their operators of the so-called “opposition” boasted of this terrorist-genocidal action and celebrated that after the fall of these elements of the infrastructure would come almost automatically, as if by magic, that of President Nicolás Maduro and consequently they’d gain the territorial and political taking of the country. All this in an environment in which Russia denounced the movement of US troops in the vicinity of the Venezuelan borders and the Caribbean (see Telesur of March 12, 2019).

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The stateless Venezuelan far right, accomplice of this criminal action, through the nameless announced with great fanfare that the restitution of electric power would come concomitantly with the fall of the “dictatorial regime” of Maduro. They also made plans for the delivery of the electrical installations and the natural resources of the country to American transnational companies to sign contracts and agreements of “aid” with the International Monetary Fund (read neocolonial) Argentina-type, to indebt the country and restore the disastrous neoliberal “Cuarta Republica” that submerged that nation in a deep crisis of all orders since the late fifties of the last century.

The electric shock – as it has been called this new cyber war that is an integral part of the current hybrid war that the United States and the seditious corporate media develops against Venezuela and other progressive countries as announced by President Maduro in his message to the nation on national television on March 12 – whose objective was to create chaos, social upheaval and generalized disturbances (as the fascist senator Marco Rubio sarcastically announced from his Twitter account), was defeated by the Bolivarian Government, noting an undoubted triumph, if very partial, within the ongoing counter-revolutionary imperialist strategy, which extends to the whole of the people and the specialists who managed to control and overcome it in record time.

At the same time, in that press conference, President Nicolás Maduro announced the creation of a special commission to investigate the cyber attack against the national electricity system and the incorporation of international specialists in this work. In this regard, he reported that he will request the support of the UN and countries with technology and experience in cyber attacks such as China, Russia, Iran and Cuba. This already introduces a new phenomenal element related to the verification of the decline of the unilateralism of US imperialism that has dragged on since the mid-seventies of the last century and the arrival of a new phase characterized by dynamic multipolarism and increasingly overdeterminant of international relations that tends to modify the old scheme called “center / periphery” in international relations, both as regards the new role of the dependent and underdeveloped countries of the periphery that still retain that status, as in the relationship of these with the new powers on the rise: Russia, China. India and Iran under the influence of the revived and outdated protectionism of the United States that emphasizes its repressive and violent functions as “methods of governance” in the global sphere.

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Chavismo, in defense of what they consider the Bolivarian revolution – without discussing for now whether it is a phenomena within capitalism or outside it, in socialism – to counteract the current coup has implemented its strategy, hitherto successful, on the political-diplomatic front, on the system of alliances with China and Russia, Turkey and Iran, among others, but also on the internal one that for us is the fundamental one. In this way, everything confirms that what in essence has hitherto counteracted the realization of the imperialist coup and prevented the displacement of Chavismo from the Bolivarian power bloc has been, more than the external factors identified, the civic-military unity and popular mobilization, even in the domestic environment of the strong economic crisis – exacerbated by the economic war – derived, to a large extent, from an economy hitherto sustained by oil rent and in the structural determination of hydrocarbon prices, with a downward trend, in the world market.

This is consistent with the expectations finally frustrated that had been placed from the beginning on the “unnameable” by the hawks of the pentagon, all spoiled: the division of the Bolivarian army, massive popular support of the coup to overthrow the Government, the introduction of so-called “humanitarian aid” from the border with Colombia through violence and guarimbas, the “adhesion” of the population to the opposition cause of “dissatisfied chavistas” by the scarcity and deficiencies in supply of basic necessities, the “wide acceptance” of the advent of a “transition to democracy” “guaranteed” and protected by the United States using for it the Unnamable and his fascist henchmen: the famous “governable democracy, viable and restricted” promulgated by the neoliberal ideologues of the State Department from Kissinger to Huntington going through Lipset and Fukuyama and that was completely overcome by the participatory and direct democracy of Hugo Chávez and Chavez Bolivarianism that is true poison for the falcons of the pentagon and the oligarchy of Venezuela to the extent of constituting, along with the attempt to appropriate natural and energy resources by the US transnationals, another of its fundamental objectives is to destroy and eradicate this “bad example” as stated by the White House magnate in the re-launch of his electoral campaign for the coming year when attacking, as in the best stage of the Cold War and anti-Communist McCarthyism, socialism as the “cause” of all the “evils” of humanity, hiding that these are derived from the very dynamics of capitalism and imperialism as a world system.

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Hence, the furious onslaught continued by US imperialism against the Venezuelan revolution is involved in the return of monroism under the emblematic slogan of “America for the Americans” but now frontally directed against the rising powers, particularly China, which in the last years have accentuated its presence in Latin America and the Caribbean, that is, in the “backyard” of the gringos who consider it their exclusive property.

All of the above derails the reductionist approaches that circumscribe the analysis of the Venezuelan situation to technical aspects or to purely macroeconomic factors such as the fall in the prices of raw materials, food and energy, the fiscal deficit of the government, the deficiencies of the productive infrastructure, internal (hyper) inflation, parallel dollar, monetary speculation, etc. Like the neoliberals, they ignore the ideological-political, subjective and human factors, as well as their overlap in the performance and construction of class consciousness (paraphrasing Georg Lukács), in the street mobilization and in the resistance against the coup with a strong support to the legally constituted Government through elections.

The anti-imperialist consciousness, which among the wealthy classes simply does not exist, plays the central role in the current critical-political conjuncture of the Bolivarian process in the contradictory environment of the intervention and harassment of imperialism and the world capitalist crisis to which no Latin American nation, underdeveloped and dependent, can escape without facing, resisting and overcoming for their peoples and workers their terrible predatory and antihuman consequences.

  • Adrián Sotelo Valencia is a sociologist, professor-researcher at CELA-FCPyS-UNAM.

Source URL: Rebelion

Translated by JRE/EF


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