This is What Happened this Sunday 5-J at the Venezuelan Embassy in Brasilia

The Venezuelan Embassy in Brasilia was threatened with being occupied by followers of the Venezuelan right who reside in the Amazon nation. This was reported by users on social networks this Sunday, July 5 while the Venezuelan diplomats were holding an event commemorating the Venezuelan Independence Day.

“A comrade informs me from Brazil that the “escualidos” are taking the Venezuelan embassy in Brasilia. Support is requested from social movements. Tense moments there. Diplomatic staff still at the embassy and they are defending it,” wrote on twitter the user @jlucena11.

For its part, the Brazilian website Desacato published this: “there are almost a hundred people who want to invade the Venezuelan embassy because they want to confront the legitimacy of the Venezuelan authorities. There is another group in a process of resistance to prevent them from taking Venezuelan territory.”

On the occasion of the 209th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of Venezuela, demonstrations of support for this heroic feat were held this Sunday. One of the activities was led by the Diplomatic Corps in Plaza Bolívar de Brasilia, in front of the Embassy. Later, these violent groups would have arrived, trying to sabotage the activity and take over the diplomatic facilities.


Featured image: Supporters of Nicolás Maduro attend a ceremony to celebrate Venezuela’s Independence Day in Brasilia, July 5, 2020. Reuters.

(La IguanaTV)