Trump Mulls Recognising Venezuela’s Opposition Leader as President – Reports

Previously, the United States, namely Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, slammed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s new presidential term, calling it illegitimate and vowing that Washington will do its best to “restore real democracy to that country”.

According to the CNN’s Spanish language website citing three unnamed sources, US President Donald Trump is considering recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader and Congress chief Juan Guaido as the country’s president. The White House hasn’t yet issued a statement with this regard.

Last week, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was sworn in for his second presidential term, which will last until 2025. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted the development at the time, saying “the Maduro regime is illegitimate” and adding that the United States will persist in its efforts, using its economic and diplomatic power to the fullest, to “restore a real democracy to that country.”

Maduro has drawn much criticism recently since his re-election in May, with some countries claiming that the vote was illegitimate, despite Caracas’s vehement denial of the claims.

As it was made clear right after the meeting of the Lima Group foreign ministers earlier in January, the union, specially established in the Peruvian capital in 2017 to work out a peaceful resolution to the Venezuelan crisis, is against Maduro’s second term and roots for a new presidential election. In a parallel move, the OAS has said it does not recognize Maduro’s second term, while Paraguay cut off diplomatic ties with Venezuela altogether.

In response, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry delivered protest notes to the diplomatic representatives of the Lima group countries. Separately, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza stated that the Lima Group encouraged a government overthrow in the South American country, having secured the US’ backing.

Source URL: Sputnik