US Invasion Coming Through Brazil

By Luis Britto García (17/Mar/2019)

  1. The attempt to force the entry of “humanitarian aid” through Táchira was no more than a maneuver to distract attention from the real invasion, which was attempted on the border with Brazil near the village Kumarakapay, towards Santa Elena de Uairén.

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  1. According to Jorge Martín, “some people from the Pemón ethnic group in this village (which is 80 km from the border with Brazil) tried to stop a convoy of buses (not tanks) of the GNB on the way to the border.” According to Glorimar Fernandez the mayor of the Gran Sabana, Emilio González (opposition), declared that “they have told us that here there is an order not to pass humanitarian aid, but I gave the green light to enter the country. We have deployed the Pemón Territorial Guard.” According to the portal “Version Final”, the mayor “confirms this balance on the situation at the border with Brazil: 1 indigenous woman dead, 17 injured, 27 military detained by ‘Territorial Guardia Pemona'”. There Jorge L. Perez Valery reports that “at this time, the Pemones keep the GNB commander, José Miguel Montoya Rodríguez, kidnapped.

  2. So, we have: 1) A mayor opposes a direct order from the legitimate National Government; 2) A self-titled organization ‘Territorial Guard Pemona’ intends to prohibit the passage to the FANB that goes to the border to block an invasion; 3) That in order to prevent the defense of Venezuela, a balance of “27 military detainees are obtained, including the commander of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB). The SIC magazine of October 9, 2018 describes the “Pemona Territorial Guard” as “one of the indigenous self-defense groups (para-military) constituted in the south of Venezuela autonomously under the slogan to protect the ancestral territories from violence and corruption.”

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  1. We (in Venezuela) have maintained –since 1999–  the doctrine of the American NGO “Indian Law Resource Center and Indian Treaty”, that indigenous people are “peoples” distinct from the rest of the national population; that they exclusively govern their “original territories” and their natural resources, and that they have their own authorities. This is an instrument for the secession of Latin America and the Caribbean, since “population”, “territory” and “authorities” are the existential conditions of the State: as States and as Ethnic Groups. The question here is, what do we intend to do to preserve the unity and sovereignty of Venezuela?


Source URL: Resumen Latinoamericano

Translated by JRE/AR/EF