ALERT: Trump Initiates Illegal Occupation of Venezuelan Diplomatic and Consular Offices on US Territory

The Government of Venezuela denounced on Monday the forced and illegal occupation of its diplomatic offices located in the United States (USA) in clear violation of the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

Last January 23, President Nicolas Maduro announced the complete rupture of diplomatic and political relations with the US government after their decision to recognize the illegal self-proclamation of deputy Juan Guaido. Disregarding the complete cessation of functions of all diplomatic and consular personal in each country, their infrastructure, assets and documents must be respected according to the Vienna Convention, the main authority, to decide what a “legal government” is, would be the United Nation’s position and not the particular position of one country (in this case, the US).

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In a statement posted on the Twitter account of Chancellor Jorge Arreaza, the Bolivarian Government asserts that this action has the backing of US authorities and has political interests.

“To tolerate or promote any threat or intimidation against Venezuelan diplomatic agents by citizens residing in the United States constitutes a very serious violation of the international obligations of the US Government,” he says.

They also reiterated that the diplomatic missions should only be used by official diplomatic agents who have been appointed and represent the democratic government of President Nicolás Maduro. President Maduro is the current President of Venezuela according to the United Nations disregarding whom the US regime recognizes.

In this regard, they demand the US authorities to “comply with their legal obligations and take the necessary measures to immediately reverse such de facto forced occupation.”

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In case the US Government continues in breach of its international obligations, the communique warned that Venezuela “reserves the corresponding legal and reciprocal decisions and actions” in its territory. This is in reference to the possibility that the Venezuelan government in legitimate retaliation might take control of US facilities in Venezuela.

For his part, the official designated for the USA by the self-proclaimed opposition deputy Juan Guaidó, Carlos Vecchio, reported that there were three occupied diplomatic headquarters, two in Washington (capital) and a consulate in New York.


Source URL: La IguanaTV with OT content

Translated by JRE/EF

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