Venezuela: 8 New Confirmed Coronavirus Cases (189 Total) and 110 Recovered

Venezuelan vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, reported this Monday, April 13 from the Miraflores Palace, that 8 new cases of Covid-19 coronavirus were registered in the country, to reach a total of 189 cases. Of these, 110 are already recovered (53 percent). Today’s new cases: 5 come from Miranda state, 1 from the Capital District, 1 from Aragua and 1 from Trujillo. Six of them were contaminated at the food processing company where they worked.

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Regarding the cases, Delcy Rodríguez provided the following details:

  • A 42-year-old man, a baker, had contact with a positive person from that same bakery mentioned yesterday by President Maduro in the daily report . He has the flu, malaise, and cough. He is in a Comprehensive Diagnosis Center (CDI) with respiratory failure.
  • Six cases (five in Miranda state and 1 in the Capital District) were infected in the same workplace (a food production company). Measures were taken to determine the contacts of these people and to disinfect the workplace. All cases are of community transmission. The cases are:
    • 59-year-old man from the Sucre municipality (Miranda state), with a contact history of 2 employees of this same company who tested positive. It is an asymptomatic case, confined in the Los Dos Caminos CDI, which is going to be transferred to a private clinic soon.
    • 51-year-old man from Miranda state, who had contact with positive cases from the same company, where he works as a security guard. He is in critical condition. He entered intensive care in a private clinic.
    • 50-year-old man from Miranda state, also in contact with positive cases of that company. He was isolated in a CDI and is being transferred to a private clinic. He has a cough and general malaise.
    • 43-year-old man from the Capital District, San Martín parish. He had contact with a positive patient in this company. He was isolated in a CDI, he is being transferred to a private clinic.
    • 29-year-old man, Zamora municipality, Miranda state. He had positive contact with employees of the same company. He was isolated in a CDI, where he remains asymptomatic.
    • Man from Guarenas, Miranda state, who had contact with patients from that same company. He was isolated in a CDI. He had general discomfort.
  • The eighth case is a 32-year-old woman from Trujillo state, in contact with a positive family member. She is asymptomatic but tested positive in the PCR test, and is found in the CDI of Isnotú. Community transmission.

110 cases are recovered, having a 58% recovery rate. 25 are in CDIs, 25 in sentinel hospitals, 19 in private clinics, 2 in hotels, and 1 is left at home, as a person living alone.

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She reported that, in Venezuela, 203,108 tests of the Covid-19 coronavirus have been carried out, equivalent to 6,873 tests per million inhabitant, placing the country as the first in Latin America and the Caribbean in the number of tests carried out.
The Venezuelan vice president indicated that 18,161,036 people have completed the Survey of the Homeland System on the Covid-19. Of these, 151,801 people have been marked for house-to-house visits, 143,717 have been visited and 21,794 are undergoing more extensive testing. She recalled that when house-to-house visits are made, the entire family is taken cared of, which means that more than 12 million people have been taken cared of so far.
She also explained that President Maduro had a conversation this morning with the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhaní, both countries being affected by the illegal US sanctions, even despite the pandemic of the Covid-19 coronavirus. Both presidents expressed the need for the unlawful sanctions against both countries to be lifted.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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