Venezuela Rejects Human Rights Report Sent to Bachelet by “Independent Mission”

Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister, Jorge Arreaza, rejected on Wednesday the position of the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights of the United Nations (UN), who presented a report of an “independent” international investigative mission that works for the Human Rights Council, where the government of Venezuela was accused of committing crimes against humanity.

Through his Twitter account, the top diplomat said that the government of Nicolás Maduro has rejected a report plagued with falsehoods, “prepared remotely, without any methodological rigor, by a phantom mission directed against Venezuela and controlled by governments subordinate to Washington, illustrates the perverse practice of doing politics with human rights and not the politics of human rights,” he said. In turn, he stressed that they are trying to damage the relationship with the High Commissioner’s office.

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He reiterated that Venezuela maintains cooperation with the UN Human Rights Council, and that until now information of interest to both has been generated in a coordinated and constructive manner with the Office of the High Commissioner.

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He added that progress has been notable and this has been recognized by Michelle Bachelet when announcing the renewal of relations.

“Reading the OHCHR press release and the report itself, in particular the reference used as footnotes, one can only realize how biased this report is, by using YouTube or US financed Venezuelan NGO’s information as main sources of information,” san international expert said to Orinoco Tribune.

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