We Need your Support – Please Donate


Dear readers, Orinoco Tribune needs your help to keep operating and providing alternative information about Venezuela for English speakers.

We started a campaign a couple of months ago and we managed to collect almost USD 200 and we appreciate and are humbled by the support from these donors.

We estimate that to keep doing our work at least USD 400 are required per month. In order to improve our work we would be talking about USD 800 income per month.


Single donations are important but monthly subscriptions/donations are the best way for us to organize expenses because of the regularity and it’s implications in terms of planning. A good USD 10-15 monthly donation multiplied by 35 patrons would mean a lot to us. That’s our goal. Of course single donations are always welcome.

The situation in Venezuela tends to get more complex by the hour and the operation costs also increase due to hyperinflation. We love what we are doing and we will keep doing it with or without donations but with the right funding we would be more efficient and we will work harder to improve the areas that need improvement, avoiding using part of our time to find the income that allows us to bring food to our table.

We have received donations via PayPal without problem because our account is associated to a US bank account, we also have received  donations via crypto currencies (bitcoin). But if you are not inclined to use those services we could provide you with additional options if you let us know by sending an email to support@orinocotribine.com or using our social network channels.

Thank you in advance for your support.



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