What’s Wrong with Venezuela? Those People do not Surrender

It seems to be the question the world is asking about the stubborn resistance of the Caribbean country that is firmly facing a ferocious and a more inhuman siege –since 2014– by the imperialist powers of global domination.

By Gustavo Borges

Nothing comes easy in the daily life of more than eight million families, children, elderly, sick who are severely affected by the colonialist whims of the north and its allies. It is hard, it is true, and you can not hide that reality. That’s not all to it, though.

Faced with the imposition of more sanctions, closing the criminal siege and brutal blockade that the Venezuelan population is subjected by the US. It adds the threat of a military invasion as a last resort. In the face of the Caribbean firmness, obstinate Caribbean stubbornness of the Venezuelans, there has been organized demonstrations of solidarity around the planet and in rejection of the possibility that the US will execute the country of Chavez, its script or the Libyan model, as they call it. We also have our model. Caribbean, yes –but we also have it– don’t be mistaken because you will be faced by the reality of it.

It is difficult to know what really happens inside our country –in the barrios, fields and our shores– when you’re on the outside because of the curtain of disinformation, false positives and mediatic deceptions that go around the world about Venezuela.

Here there is not a single Venezuelan that has surrendered or that is in fear. We are facing, resisting, organizing ourselves from the simplest to the most concrete. Chávez taught us how. I will not say anything else. It is not necessary. As they say in the barrio’s codes: “routine is not revealed”. Underestimating us has always been their mistake. Also as we say when someone threatens us in the barrio: “no somos mochos (we are not disabled)” … I would add “in my country even the disabled can punch”.

When you want, we will be ready.

Nothing my pal, who said fear.

Venezuela resists.

Gariteando we walk.

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Translated by JRE/AR

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