Hundreds Marched in Madrid Against Intervention and Coup Attempt in Venezuela

Hundreds of people demonstrated this Wednesday, January 30 in Madrid and other cities in Spain, against the coup launched by the United States against Venezuela, against its legitimate president Nicolás Maduro. People concentrated on the emblematic Puerta del Sol, with the presence of representatives of other Latin American countries, despite heavy rain.

With cries of support for Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution and cries against imperialism reminding of its defeats in Vietnam and other places of the world. Finally the manifesto of the Movement of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, convener of the act was read.

Speaking to Pedro Barea, a member of the Bolivarian Platform of Solidarity with Venezuela in Madrid, he said that the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó “does not rely on the people, but on the bombs and missiles of military and industrial power and blackmail and aggression of the United States.”

“In the face of this aggression against a sovereign people we have called for this concentration, one of the many that are being convened throughout Spain,” Barea explained. He indicated that “the Spanish government has tried to maintain a diagonal position between one pole and the other and that what it has done has been to jeopardize it.”

“Who is Pedro Sánchez to give an ultimatum to a sovereign country? It is a coup and colonial stand. He wanted to swim and store his clothes, but deep down it’s a colonial position, “he explained. In the end, he reflected, “what they are looking for is something that makes it possible to justify a position and an invasion in the form of a pincer between the Government of Colombia and Brazil.”

The actor Willy Toledo was one of the people who was present at the demonstration giving his support to Venezuela. People from other Latin American countries also attended.

According to the Twitter of the Venezuelan embassy in Spain, there were similar demonstrations in the Canary Islands, Galicia, Andalusia, Granada, Valencia, Vigo, Elche and Orihuela.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/AR

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