Why the MSM Silence on Sputnik V? It may be the Best Covid-19 Vaccine, but Anti-Russian Agendas Could Stop Millions Getting it

November 23, 2020.-  While three vaccines have been lauded internationally for their promising clinical trial results, a Russian produced one is being dismissed by the MSM. So much for the unified ‘global response’ to the pandemic…

At last, there appears to be some light at the end of the gloomy Covid-19 tunnel, as Oxford University’s vaccine looks to be a success. Initial data suggests 70 percent protection, but experts reckon by tweaking the dose, it could reach 90 percent.

It’s a collaboration with drugmaker AstraZeneca and of those treated with it during trials, there were no hospitalisations or severe cases of Covid-19.

Another bonus is that it can be stored in a normal fridge, meaning the costs involved are relatively small.

That’s not the case with the other two internationally hailed vaccines; BioNTech/Pfizer’s with an efficacy of 95 percent, slightly better than Moderna’s 94.5 percent.

They both need to be stored at temperatures around minus 70 degrees Celsius, and require large refrigeration units to keep them from spoiling in travel and the pre-adminstering phase.

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That’s one reason why the Oxford vaccine will cost between $3-4 per shot, compared to $20 for Pfizer/BioNTech and $25 for Moderna.

But even with the price differences, it’s all good news.

AstraZeneca is reported to have agreed to make two billion doses by next summer – and the others have deals to deliver hundreds of millions of their solutions.

It’s been a global effort. AstraZeneca is a Swedish company, BioNTech was founded by a married Turkish couple in Germany, while Pfizer and Moderna are both American.

Similarly, the reaction to the good news has been universally positive.The statement from Oxford University’s team was hailed by the BBCThe New York TimesCNNThe Guardian9News in Australia and Sky News.

Despite their different locations and target audiences, all these reports had one thing in common – they deliberately ignored Sputnik V, the vaccine developed by Russia and the first to be announced. That’s a fact.

It was on August 11 that news broke of its existence and on September 4, the results for phase 1/2 studies were publishedin the world’s oldest medical journal, The Lancet. Phase 3 trials are underway in Russia, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela, with both India and Brazil set to join, too.

Sputnik V has a 92 percent effectiveness based on the data and the World Health Organization’s representative to Russia, Melita Vujnovic commented, “certainly, we are optimistic.”

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The vaccine has also been sent to WHO headquarters in Geneva for certification and its maker, the Moscow- based Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, has confirmed the cost will be lower than Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna.


Featured image: Bottles with Russia’s “Sputnik-V” vaccine against the coronavirus disease are seen before inoculation at a clinic in Tver, Russia October 12, 2020. © REUTERS/Tatyana Makeyeva




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