Anti-Chavista Timoteo Zambrano: National Dialogue Table Agreements 99% Fulfilled

Timoteo Zambrano, a representative of the Venezuelan opposition before the National Dialogue Table, said that 99% of the agreements established in this venue were fulfilled, according to the balance made one year after the signing of the agreements. “We believe that the balance made one year after the signing of these agreements has been highly positive about what the Table has done,” he said.

“Only one point has not been possible to implement, perhaps due to the complexity of the exchange of oil for food. We must remember that it was a highly debated aspect and unfortunately we have not made progress on this,” he said.

He explained that the rest of all the points of the agreement have been achieved, beginning with the incorporation of the PSUV into the National Assembly to advance in having a new CNE.

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“At that time, there was no qualified majority of two-thirds for that Assembly to be able to appoint the CNE,” he recalled and added that despite the incorporation of this fraction, agreements were not reached, so the Court’s route was taken by the Supreme Court to advance the electoral process

“We managed not only to have a new CNE, but we also managed to change the electoral system, where proportionality is privileged over the majority method, which is a very important advance, a process that is also part of the points contained in the agreements of September 16.”

He also highlighted the important release of political prisoners, which was one of the aspects established in the agreement, on which the opposition placed special emphasis.

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Zambrano ratified the holding of the elections on December 6 as part of the agreements established in the National Dialogue Table. “We still have a way to go until December 6, so we ratify that we will have elections, which has been a matter of consensus at the National Dialogue table. What we need to keep working on these nest months is to continue protecting the guarantees established for the fulfillment of the electoral schedule.

“On December 6 we will have a new National Assembly and the National Constituent Assembly will be deactivated, which is also part of the agreements signed by the National Dialogue Table” In this way, new conditions have been created so that everyone can participate in the electoral process with a view to having a new an AN that allows us to re-institutionalize the country, normalize and give it governance in the coming years.

He invited the European Union to make the political decision to participate or not as an observer in the 6-D electoral process, as well as to approve the national observation report as a mechanism to validate the transparency of the processes.

“We comply with extending the invitation to participate to these multilaterals bodies to join us. They allege that there is not enough time, but they could create a commission of electoral experts and send it to Venezuela, as they are doing in Bolivia, he suggested. They also could assess and approve the national observation report and that can provide them guarantees that this process is transparent,” said Zambrano.

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