Argentina’s Alberto Fernández: “Evo Morales Won the Elections in Bolivia Without Fraud” (MIT Report – OAS Complicit)

February 29, 2020.- Argentinian President Alberto Fernández said today that former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, “won last year’s election by more than 10 points of difference, without any fraud,” he warned that on that occasion “the rule of law “with the “explicit complicity “of the OAS was violated, and said that in this situation the government of Mauricio Macri” kept a complicit silence.”

“According to a report published by the Washington Post and made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Evo Morales won last year’s election by more than 10 points of difference, without any fraud,” the president wrote at the beginning of a five-post thread he made on his Twitter account.

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The head of state said that “the disseminated report criticizes the audit conducted at that time by the OAS (Organization of American States) that concludes in affirming the existence of irregularities in the election that is now contested.”

“As I always pointed out, in Bolivia the rule of law was violated with the actions of the Armed Forces and sectors of the opposition against the then president and with the explicit complicity of the OAS that was called to ensure the full validity of democracy,” he remarked.

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In that sense, the head of state observed: “The Argentine government at the time (headed by Macri), kept a complicit silence before such an outrage, ignoring the voices that then rose to preserve Bolivian institutionality.”

And, he concluded: “As we always ratify our commitment to democracy and full respect for the rule of law and human rights. That is why we demand the prompt democratization of Bolivia, with the full participation of the Bolivian people and without any type of proscription.”

The former Bolivian president won with “high probability” without committing fraud the presidential elections last October, after which he was forced to leave power by the military, according to a statistical analysis of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) released before yesterday, which strongly questioned the OAS work.

The researchers, belonging to the Laboratory of Sciences and Electoral Data of the private university of Cambridge, studied the trend under scrutiny before and after the rapid count was interrupted at 84%, at which point opponents of Morales denounced the start of the alleged fraud, which was later credited by the OAS.

MIT said in its report that “the statistical analysis and the conclusions of OAS report seem deeply flawed.”

Source URL: La Prensa

Translated by JRE/EF



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