Chavista Chronicles from Caracas: Colombia is Committed to Destabilizing Venezuela Because They are Running Out of Oil” (Williams Camacaro Interview)

Colombia is running out of oil and the Colombian elite needs Venezuelan oil to keep its country running, at least the tiny fraction that the gringos will allow them to have, is one of the many very interesting thoughts shared by Willians Camacaro with Orinoco Tribune in the latest episode of Chavista Chronicles from Caracas.

Wllliams Camacaro is a very well respected Venezuelan anti-war and anti-imperialist activist based in New York, founder of the Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle that organize political delegations to Venezuela on a regular basis. He currently works as senior analyst for the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) in Washington DC and as advisor for the Alliance on Global Justice in one of their many projects, “Manitos Fund” aimed at providing humanitarian aid to ease the effects of US sanctions among the most affected Venezuelans.

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In the first part of the interview, we asked Camacaro about his current plans and projects and the reason behind his long stay in Venezuela. We also asked him about his stand on the current economic crisis triggered by the US sanctions, about the military and mercenary threats posed by the US, Colombia and Brazil. Lastly, we raised a question about the George Floyd uprising flooding the streets in many U.S. cities and his opinion on the prospects this uprising means for US social movements.

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As we have been doing in recent interviews, we invited our interviewee to ask us 2 or 3 questions. William Camacaro asked us about how the transition from living in Chicago for 12 years to moving back to Caracas. He also asked us about the idea of launching Orinoco Tribune and what the experience has been so far.

The answers from William Camacaro and Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza are in the attached video and we hope our readers enjoy these interviews as part of our commitment to present you different, powerful voices talking about social issues.




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