3,360 Medical Equipment Have Been Repaired in 165 Hospitals Allover Venezuela Amid US Sanctions and Covid-19

A total of 3,360 medical equipment that were inoperative in 165 hospital in the country have been repaired so far this year, by the Venezuelan National Corporation for Technological Services for Health Equipment SA (Vensalud), an agency of the Ministry for Health.

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During the Covid-19 pandemic Venezuela have requested financial resources to several multilateral financial organizations and in all the cases it has been rejected. The US blockade and sanctions have weaken the Venezuelan health system but despite all foreign attack Venezuela is among the not many countries in the world that have show a real commitment to fight properly and comprehensible the Covid-19 pandemic.

The corporation has a team of trained technicians for the maintenance and repair of medical equipment, who have been deployed throughout the Venezuelan territory, with the aim of strengthening the National Public Health System.

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During the tasks of containment and prevention of the covid-19 pandemic, Vensalud has provided its services in an efficient manner, contributing to the repair and conditioning of essential equipment for the treatment of the pandemic.

Among the equipment that has been recovered are 255 mechanical ventilators, 37 X-ray equipment and 115 multiparameter monitors, among others, essential medical technology to guarantee the care of patients suffering from the virus.

Likewise, the institution has distributed 1,952 medical equipment and clinical furniture to sentinel hospitals to strengthen intensive care and hospitalization units.


Featured image: A mechanical ventilator being repaired by Vensalud to fight Covid-19. Courtesy Ministry of Health

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Translated by JRE