Chile: Boric Rejects Piñera Invitation to PROSUR Summit in Colombia

Chilean President-elect Gabriel Boric has emphatically rejected outgoing President Sebastián Piñera’s invitation to accompany him to the PROSUR summit to be held in Colombia.

“I have spoken with President Piñera and informed him that I have decided not to attend the summit in Colombia,” Boric announced. “Our priorities are in the formation of transition teams here in Chile.”

On Monday, December 27, Boric and Piñera met at the Moneda Palace, the presidential residence. There, Piñera extended an invitation to President-elect Boric to take part in an official visit to Colombia during January 26 and 27, which the latter refused.

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Ignacio Walker, former foreign affairs minister, supported Boric’s decision. “PROSUR does not serve our national interest because it is not State policy; it is a political-ideological project of a particular government’s policy,” stressed Walker. Similarly, former director of the campaign, Izkia Siches, stated that “the decision is correct and I fully support it.”

The president of the Communist Party of Chile, Guillermo Teillier, also commented that “Boric made a decision that displayed his authority.”

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With Boric at the helm, the Apruebo Dignidad goverment in Chile could turn Chile into a proactive agent at PROSUR for the whole of Latin America. A possible coming together with the governments of AMLO in Mexico, Fernández in Argentina and, eventually, Lula in Brazil could create momentum towards a transcontinental dialogue.

“The president-elect has already had several virtual meetings with leaders of the region as part of his agenda, for he intends to have an important role in the region,” informed Giorgio Jackson, Boric’s political campaign manager. This is one of the compelling reasons why Boric refused to travel to Colombia with Piñera.


Featured image: Chilean President-elect Gabriel Boric and outgoing President Sebastián Piñera. Photo: RedRadioVE

(RedRadioVE) by Eduardo Toro

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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