CIA and Colombia Behind Mercenary Bombing Attempt On Venezuelan National Assembly

At a press conference this Friday, February 5, the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly (AN), Jorge Rodríguez, presented evidence linking the Colombian government of President Iván Duque with the frustrated attack with explosives against the Venezuelan parliament, which was to take place on January 26. As evidence, Rodríguez presented to the media the confession of Richard Alberto Grillet, a former AN employee who was caught red-handed by state security forces in the afternoon of the day of the planned attack.

According to the information provided by deputy Rodríguez, the explosives were to be placed in the administrative headquarters of the AN in the José María Vargas building (Pajarito) and in the vicinity of the main room of the Venezuelan Parliament in the Federal Legislative Palace.

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In this regard, Grillet revealed in his confession that there were three explosive boxes, which were to be placed in the fifth and sixth floors of the administrative headquarters where the Defense Commission has its office and in the vicinity of the Federal Palace. According to Grillet, the boxes also contained pamphlets announcing a so called “Operation Freedom January 23.”

CIA and Colombian Intelligence involved

The president of the AN denounced that this new operation against the Venezuelan institutions was planned and executed by the National Intelligence Directorate of Colombia (DNI), through Mariano José Ugarte, a recruited agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States. Ugarte was in charge of contacting Grillet to carry out the terrorist act, and he is currently under protection of the Colombian authorities.

“Since 2001 I worked in the National Assembly as a security official and in 2011, I applied for a permit and joined the Girardot Municipal Police,” said Grillet in his confession. “While there,” he continued, “I met Mariano José Ugarte and we became friends. In 2012 I returned to the AN and I always kept contact with Mariano. In May 2020 he (Mariano) contacted me and told me that there was someone who was interested to speak with me…I received a Whatsapp video call from Mariano who was in the company of another person with a marked Colombian accent, and they asked me if I wanted to be part of the group to carry out acts of sabotage against the State.” Grillet also affirmed that for this operation with explosives he had been offered $ 5,000.

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“This is the Colombianization of the Venezuelan opposition,” accused Rodríguez, and addressing the Colombian president, he asserted that “we know about these plans because we are breathing down your neck, Iván Duque. We know everything you plan, who you are sending. We know that Mariano is an agent of the National Intelligence Directorate of Colombia and we know it because we have people close to where you are and they informed us about this crime croquis.”

The parliamentarian announced that during the arrest of the terrorist Grillet, a cell phone was seized that contains a lot of important information about the plans against the country promoted by Duque’s government, whom he accused of being “a coward by nature” and being obsessed with Venezuela.

“We already know what Leopoldo López went to do in Colombia,” said Rodríguez, referring to the recent visit by this fugitive from Venezuelan justice to the neighboring country on December 11, where he met with authorities of the Colombian government.


Featured image: Jorge Rodriguez, President of the Venezuelan Parliament reports on the bombing attemt unveiled by Venezuelan intelligence services. Colombia’s Duque and the CIA behind. Photo: Wilmer Errades

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