CNE On Schedule: There Have Been 4 Audits Out of 17 Planned for 6D Parliamentary Elections

The president of Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE), Indira Alfonzo, reported this Tuesda, October 27, that to date four of the seventeen audits scheduled for the parliamentary elections on December 6 have been carried out successfully.

These are: The audit of the Automated System for the Selection of the Members of the Subaltern Electoral Bodies, the audit of the Electoral Registry, the audit of the Voting Machine Software and the audit of the Electoral Data in phase 1, started this Monday October 26.

“These audits allow us to verify the precision of the automated solutions available for this electoral process,” said the highest representative of the Electoral Power.

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Alfonzo offered these statements during a meeting of organizations with political purposes (political parties) within the framework for the approval of the Special Regulations on the Electoral Campaign and Propaganda for the “2020 National Assembly Elections.”

In all the audits, all political parties, those in favor of the government and those from the opposition, participate and are witnesses of the security and transparency measures in place to guarantee that the vote reflects the will of the people. If they detect irregularities or problems their complaints are taken care of and have to be solved by the CNE.

Likewise, she indicated that the electoral body is evaluating a second simulation, given that the one carried out last Sunday “exceeded the expectations that were had regarding the test, we must maintain a campaign in line with the impetus of the vote.




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