CNN’s Turn: Coverage on Guaido’s Meeting in Miami Not Helping (+Washinton Post)

Private news corporation CNN covered the meeting held in Miami by Deputy Juan Guaidó with some of his followers who still believe in his skills as a politician.

However, and despite giving coverage to the event that the attendees themselves called failure, the media published a photo of Guaidó with a gesture of disappointment that highlights emotions other than political success.

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“Juan Guaidó, recognized as president by more than fifty countries, met with several of his Venezuelan compatriots in Miami. Ana María Mejía has the report of this meeting,” it published on the Twitter account, that attributes the recognition of the “President in Charge” to the countries that oppose the government of Nicolás Maduro following US direct instructions.

Besides holding this meeting in Miami, one of the most important anti-chavista strongholds worldwide, the Venezuelan deputy -currently not even holding the title National Assembly head- did not manage to draw more than 3 thousand extreme right Venezuelans that still believe in him or maybe were just pushed there by the anti-communist political apparatus very active in that part of the US.

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In an attempt to give a lift to his very troubled “leadership”, CNN interviewed Guaidó in the framework of his international tour. To specific questions about key political decisions such as the case of former Colombian congresswoman Aída Merlano, detained in Venezuela and requested by the government of Iván Duque, deputy Guaidó only limited himself to repeating his speech discrediting Nicolás Maduro without specifically answering that he does not have power to deal with a situation of such magnitude.

Source URL: La IguanaTV with OT content

Translated and edited by JRE/EF

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