US State Department Contradicts Guaido’s Comments From Canada on Cuba

Juan Guaidó continues his misguided actions regarding his weak political career and this time it took another blow, after the United States Undersecretary of State for Latin America, Michael Kozak, made a declaration contradicting a proposal presented on Monday by Guaidó from Canada, where he said that Cuba should be part of the solution to the political conflict in Venezuela.

For Kozak “Cuba is not the solution to the problems of the Venezuelan people; it’s the problem,” he posted on his twitter account.

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The US official, consistent with the US blockade policy against the island of Cuba, based his opinion on the alleged argument that Cuba has “torturers” and “agents” within Venezuela.

“If Cuba really wanted to help the Venezuelan people, it would begin by withdrawing its torturers and its counterintelligence agents from the country,” he said.

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Guaidó said last Monday that he wants Cuba to be part of the solution of the crisis in the country, but not before joining the media campaign that seeks to position the idea that Cuban officials operate in Venezuela.

“With respect to Cuba, we want it to be part of the solution … Today, in a way, it is supporting Maduro’s regime a bit. However, with the proper accompaniment we can make it possible to side with the solution,” Guaido said.

Guaidó’ s so called “ambassador” to the White House, Carlos Vecchio, immediately replied via twitter to the US second ranked diplomatic official in a very submissive manner and in a way might make people believe he is not supporting Guaido.

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US State Department Contradicts Guaido's Comments From Canada on Cuba