Cut in Fiber-Optic Cable Left Several Regions of Venezuela with Internet Disruption (Fake News Debunked)

The National Telephone Company of Venezuela (CANTV) reported this Wednesday, July 14, that due to a cut in its fiber-optic cables in Punto Fijo, Falcón state, internet service was affected in several regions of the country.

In some places a complete interruption of the service was reported, while in some regions customers reported intermittent disruptions. During the early evening most of the service was restored, due to the efforts of CANTV workers.

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Through a post on Twitter, the state telecommunications company reported that technical and specialized personnel of the Company were deployed in the area to carry out the necessary repairs and resolve the incident as soon as possible to guarantee the continuity of the service to users.

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As usual, at the beginning of the incident social media accounts tried to manufacture a trend accusing the government of restricting social media services like Twitter. Prompt communications by CANTV neutralized this trend.

Likewise, CANTV thanked subscribers and users for their understanding while repair work is progressing, and invited people to report theft, robbery, vandalism, or sabotage through 0800-ANTENAS (2683627).


Featured image: CANTV truck in Caracas. File photo.

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