Javier Tarazona of Fundaredes Allegedly Involved in Foiled Kidnapping Operation Requested by Colombia’s Duque

The president of Venezuela’s National Assembly (AN), deputy Jorge Rodríguez announced on Monday, July 13, that in the next few days a press conference will be held to give more details of the case of Javier Tarazona. Rodriguez explained that Tarazona intended to cooperate in a kidnapping operation aiming at “removing by force” a woman from Venezuela to Colombia. Rodriguez choose not to give more details and suggested journalists to wait for the upcoming press conference with all the details about this case.

“We have evidence on the so-called Tarazona case that we are going to be showing in the coming days,” Rodriguez said during a press conference offered from the Federal Legislative Palace, where he presented confirmation of the participation of opposition extremist elements in the acts of terrorism that occurred in the southwest of Caracas, carried out by El Coqui gang.

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“We are going to show the evidence from the phones of those involved,” he said while showing a series of messages from conversations that Tarazona, detained two weeks ago, had with Juan Esteban Gómez, a member of the Colombian Executive with direct links to Iván Duque, in which they referred to the explosion of a car bomb in Cúcuta and the “attack” on the helicopter of Colombian President Iván Duque “to blame Venezuela.”

Tarazona Conversation 1

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According to the indications of the president of the Parliament, further evidence regarding the Tarazona case will be announced on Thursday.

“Those media out there with a campaign, are going to defend him until Thursday, when the country will know all the atrocities that rat did,” he said.


Featured image: Javier Tarazona and Iván Duque posing for a photo. File photo courtesy of Fundaredes.

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