Diosdado Cabello’s Surprise Visit to El Maizal Commune: ‘It Would be Good for Bureaucrats to Pay a Visit Here’

National Assembly (AN) deputy, Diosdado Cabello, visited the emblematic El Maizal Commune this Friday, May 28. El Maizal is an organized community located in Lara State in western Venezuela, established 12 years ago as a result of the peasant land restitution process. Diosdado made a surprise visit to what he referred to as a vital space of the Revolution and an iconic example in regard to self-governance, popular power, agro-ecological development and food sovereignty. The aim of the meeting was to identify obstacles and their possible resolution in situ, but it was also a message of encouragement.

”I wanted it to be a surprise visit, because whenever we announce our plans to visit places they clean up and fix everything; they make everything beautiful, so that whoever goes there will say: ‘how beautiful.,” said Diosdado Cabello in a VTV broadcast.

At the outset of his visit, Cabello spoke to the commune and assured them that he is aware of the reports on ”all the obstacles that you are facing; and all that talk about how you help one person and neglect another. This has been said, right?” Notwithstanding the obstacles, Cabello requested the commune to stay true to “the monolithic unity that prevails in the idea: Commune or nothing! You are a social project that you have brought about yourselves.”

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Cabello highlighted, as a positive thing, the evident decrease in crime and stated that “this is socialism. It is the people who can get things done; it is the people of whom Commander Hugo Chávez had dreamed.”

”It will be a good thing for bureaucrats to come here to actually observe, to feel and to understand that what is produced in one place is not just for one but for all and that earnings are invested in the community and transcend the commune’s area of action,” said Cabello during the broadcast. He added that the parliament is working on the Organic Law of Communal Cities, a legal instrument that will be added to the existing legal framework that supports popular organization.

Cabello emphasized that more complexities will certainly arise, especially due to the ongoing economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States and its allies.

The seed of revolution: commune or nothing!
The first vice president of PSUV also recalled that Commander Hugo Chávez had interacted with the Commune prior to its formal inauguration, after the State helped the peasants of the area to recover their lands. Cabello said that he had participated in the negotiations with businessmen and landowners also. ”I came here at once, I saw the site, we carried out the necessary procedures and once they were completed, Commander Chávez came here on March 5, 12 years ago.” However, six months later, Commander Chávez found contradictions that, in Cabello’s opinion, have served to advance on the path towards the construction of socialism.

“The fact that you have come across so many hindrances, obstacles, and so many people talking nonsense has been good,” Cabello told the commune. ”For you have survived all that and you belong to the ranks of the hard working people, the people who believed in the word of Chávez.”

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Cabello praised El Maizal as a place imbibed with the revolutionary force and an ideal location to recharge energies. ”My respect, my admiration and my appreciation for all of you, for the work you have been doing,” said Cabello during his visit. ”Never give up. It does not matter if no one else in Venezuela says ‘Commune or nothing,’ as long as the Commune of El Maizal continues to say it,” he concluded.



Featured image: Diosdado Cabello paid a surprise visit to the El Maizal Commune. Photo courtesy of @PartidoPSUV.

(RedRadioVe) by Lucía Eugenia Córdova

Translation: Orinoco Tribune




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