Venezuela’s Battle of Carabobo Bicentennial: Mural Contest Highlights Historical Milestone

More than 100,000 people are participating in The Battle of Carabobo Bicentennial Mural Competition that is taking place throughout Venezuela and even beyond its borders. This event has been organized as part of the cultural activities related to the celebration of the historic milestone.

Deputy Tania Díaz, coordinator of the contest, stressed that “this is a time of national unity, a time when Venezuela can let the world know that it will not give up.”

Deputy Díaz considered that, through artistic activities such as these “we, the Venezuelan people ratify our sovereignty, our national identity, our independence and we are taking this onto the streets and putting it on our walls so that the memory remains for the next generations.”

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The Battle of Carabobo was one of the most important episodes in the Venezuelan war of independence against the Spanish empire. The battle took place on June 24, 1821, and sealed Venezuela’s fate as an independent nation. This commemoration has gained more relevance in a moment like today when Venezuela is battling anew against an all-powerful empire and demonstrating to the world that, even amid the most brutal US and European blockade, the Venezuelan people are prevailing.

Deputy Díaz announced, in regard to the competition, that the winning mural from each state would be placed in enlarged format in an emblematic place of Caracas, to give each state in the country the chance to showcase an artwork that commemorates the feat of the Battle of Carabobo.

Additionally, deputy Carlos Sierra, member of the commission in charge of the contest stated—in an interview with VTV—that the contest had the purpose of “highlighting a historical feat such as this bicentennial battle.”

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”We are strengthening our patriotism, in the understanding that Venezuela is a free, sovereign, democratic nation, willing to continue strengthening it historical legacy and a future full of values,” added Sierra. He also commented that this activity ”has filled the streets with a love for the nation and with joy, history and hope.”

He specified that those interested in participating have until June 4 to register and participate in various ways: sketches, student, community, digital, artistic-professional, and international, through

”So far, murals have been painted in more than 700 communities in the country,” Sierra remarked, specifying that many students from the local schools, high schools and universities also took part.

Likewise, Sierra added that participants from other countries, such as Colombia, Italy and Spain, included different social movements, artists and creators linked to cultural communications groups from solidarity with the peoples.

Sierra reiterated that “people have until June 4 to register for the contest and regional winners will be announced on June 7, and national and international winners on June 8.”


Featured image: Mural in Venezuela as part of the cultural activities organized to commemorate the Carabobo Battle bicentennial.

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