Food Crisis in the US Amid a Coronavirus Pandemic

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, humanitarian and charitable organizations have joined hands with food banks to distribute food to Americans.

The economic disaster caused by the coronavirus pandemic has brought millions of Americans to the brink of despair.

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In San Antonio, Texas, streets and public parking lots are congested with thousands of cars waiting for hours for their turn to get help from the local food bank.

San Antonio is not the only place affected. Across the United States, more than twenty million people have lost their jobs in a matter of weeks to the coronavirus, which has increased the demand for food and government aid. It has also caused an anxiety crisis in families.

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Food banks receive their resources from donations from charitable organizations, but they also depend on the federal government.

Washington has not yet reached a comprehensive political consensus on economic relief measures for those affected by the pandemic. This delay has caused a shortage of resources that threatens the ability of food banks to assist those most in need.

To that picture is added the fact of claims in different parts of the US about food and milk being dumped to avoid over supply and price drops, part of the deadly capitalistic culture that threatend at this juncture the life of millions.

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