Guaido-gate (“Rastrojos” Edition) Ignites a Paramilitary War in Colombia: 8 Relatives of “Los Rastrojos” Leaders Killed This Week

The retaliation against the Los Rastrojos paramilitaries has been unleashed since four of its members were portrayed in several photographs alongside the self-proclaimed “interim president,” Juan Guaidó. The Colombian senator and former candidate, Gustavo Petro, on Wednesday denounced the killing of four relatives of Jhon Jairo Durán Contreras, alias “el Menor”.

“A massacre in Cúcuta”, said the Colombian senator, Gustavo Petro, through his Twitter account, the murder of four men in the rural area of Cúcuta, who were relatives of Durán. “They intend to silence them,” he added.

The bodies were found half-naked, with bullet impacts and signs of torture in the district of Banco de Arena, in the sector known as El Infierno, the outlet “Las 2 Orillas” described.

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Another case in the same week

This massacre is added to another reported this week. On Monday, September 16, the sociologist and director of the Progresar Foundation, Wilfredo Cañizares, denounced that in retaliation, four relatives of Hernando Iván Posso, aka “Nandito”, including their parents, had been killed. Posso had escaped hours before an ambush.

According to Cañizares, “Nandito” is the right hand of “el Menor” and Chief of Finance of the Boca de Grita sector. In addition, he has a history of homicide, kidnapping, extortion, drug trafficking, among others.

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For reasons still unknown, the Rastrojos paramilitaries themselves tried to assassinate Posso and although he escaped, they killed his relatives, including his parents. Following these events, Cañizares asks: “Are witnesses of Mr. Guaidó’s illegal crossing into Colombia being eliminated?”

About alias “Nandito”, Petro explained that this subject “is responsible for the “Casas de Pique” located in front of the Paraíso farm where Guaidó passed.”

Featured image: Artclip made out of a photo taken in a “Casa de Pique”. Los Rastrojos manage several of these houses within Colombia.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/EF

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