Guaido Tries to Hide Citgo’s Looting Under his “Government”

Via Twitter, the “La Tabla” media outlet published that Citgo Petroleum’s report on the results of the third quarter under the “command” of the new de facto directive was removed for download on the website of the US subsidiary of PDVSA.

At the beginning of the year, the government of Donald Trump stole the assets of Citgo, Venezuela’s largest asset abroad, and gave the keys of the refineries to the board of directors appointed by Juan Guaido’s team. This decision was supported by a Delaware Court.

Since then, the Popular Will (VP) deputy has been responsible for the productivity of Venezuelan refineries in the United States.

What did the report say? He assured that profits had increased, from 122 million dollars to 215 million, that is, a 76.2% surplus. The report was reviewed by Reuters on December 4.

The British agency’s office says in the beginning: “It is unlikely that the Citgo refinery board will try to press this week to resume dividend payments, two sources close to the discussions said, because they would not be yet able to help the ‘interim government’ of Venezuela to alleviate the claims of creditors.”

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The figures, apparently, and due to pressure from Citgo creditors, do not satisfy the de facto board of directors, so the document was removed from the site.

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Guaidó’s management has undermined PDVSA’s main asset on the international stage, and the numbers are just not enough in a moment of tension due to the possible loss of refineries in the United States to private creditors and Rosneft, the largest energy company in Russia.

The report removed from the web portal is just an attempt to erase the traces of financial looting from inside Citgo.

The figures are even more alarming even if we take into account that, in addition, Citgo is capable of producing almost 30 billion dollars in annual revenue.

Featured image: Citgo headquarters are located in Houston, Texas, United States (Photo: Loren Elliott / Reuters)

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Translated by JRE/EF

Guaido Tries to Hide Citgo's Looting Under his "Government"