Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama Rectify Position on Venezuelan Borders After Ultimatum

After the declaration of the Lima Group in which reference is made to the boundary dispute between Venezuela and Guyana, President Nicolás Maduro gave an ultimatum to the signatory countries to rectify in a maximum of 48 hours, to which Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama have responded.


Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza announced and thanked the Guatemalan government on Friday for the remission of the protest note that our country delivered to all the members of the Lima Group.


Also, Arreaza celebrated the words of the vice president and foreign minister of Panama, Isabel de Saint Malo, who affirmed that her country “respects international law, calls for dialogue and does not engage in bilateral territorial disputes such as those of Venezuela and Guyana.”


On January 9, President Maduro would have said that “Venezuela gives 48 hours to the governments of the Lima Group to rectify their interfering position (…) or take the most urgent and crude measures to defend our country.” He also said that energetic measures will be taken if these countries do not rectify their position on the Venezuelan territory.


Guatemala is part of the so-called Grupo de Lima, which has been in charge of promoting international policies against Venezuela, promoting foreign intervention and openly promoting a change of government through illegal means.

Later, in the Caracas afternoon Minister Arreaza also made public reception of Diplomatic Note from the government of Costa Rica rectifying their position.

It’s important to highlight that the rectifications of this 3 countries referred to the territorial disputes with Guyana and the border of Venezuela but do not mentions the abusive and grotesque violation of International law by not recognizing the new term of President Maduro and giving instructions to Venezuelan Powers on how to behave or act.

Source URL: La IguanaTV with OT information.

Translated by JRE/AR

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