Hinterlaces Poll Reveals the Most Unpopular Leaders of the Venezuelan Opposition

A recent opinion poll by Hinterlaces revealed the level of rejection by the people of Venezuela towards the main leaders of the opposition.

The Venezuelan research and analysis firm Monitor País Hinterlaces carried out this latest study between April 14 and April 25 this year, directed 15% to the strata A, B and C, and the remaining 85% to the strata D and E.

In addition, the poll was classified by gender, age, region of the country, socioeconomic condition, and educational qualification of the respondents, with a margin of error of 3%, according to the firm.

What was the poll?
The people who were consulted in the study were provided a list with the names of the principal leaders of the opposition. The respondents had to first select whether they knew the name of the leader or not.

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In case a respondent recognized the name, they had to answer whether they had a “favorable” or an “unfavorable” opinion about the leader. Each respondent was asked to do this for each of the names on the list.

What is the opinion about the opposition leaders?
Henry Ramos Allup came first with respect to the most unfavorable opinion. About 83% of the respondents had an unfavorable opinion of him; while 13% held a favorable opinion, and 4% did not answer.

Julio Borges got the second place, who was considered unfavorable by about 80% of the respondents, while around 16% found him favorable.

Henrique Capriles got the third place with 76% of unfavorable opinion, while 22% viewed him favorably.

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Juan Guaidó got similar numbers, with 75% of the respondents considering him unfavorable and 23% favorable.

Leopoldo López got similar results also, as 74% of the respondents viewed him unfavorably and 23% found him favorable.

For Henry Falcón, 71% of the responses were unfavorable and 23% were favorable.

María Corina Machado got 66% of unfavorable opinions with 30% of favorable responses.

For the businessman Lorenzo Mendoza, 43% considered him unfavorable while 54% had favorable opinion of him.

Comparing the results with those of a similar poll conducted by Hinterlaces in 2020, one can observe considerable change in the opinion of Venezuelans regarding the opposition leadership.

Last year Juan Guaidó had 59% unfavorable opinions, María Corina Machado 58%, Henrique Capriles 64%, Henry Ramos Allup 73% and Julio Borges 76%.


Featured image: Latest Hinterlaces poll revealed the level of rejection by the Venezuelan people for the opposition leadership. Photo courtesy of RedRadioVE

(RedRadioVE) by Ana Perdigón

Translation: Orinoco Tribune




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