President Maduro Criticizes Officials who end up Becoming ‘Little Kings’ – Lácteos Los Andes

All public servants, elected by vote or designated by the president of the Republic, must govern in response to the needs of the people and not become “little kings,” said Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

This Friday, May 7, during the inauguration of the presidential council of the popular government of the working class, President Maduro reiterated that one of the priority tasks of the vice-presidency for Social and Territorial Socialism, headed by Eduardo Piñate, is precisely to govern with the forces of the Popular Power.

“It cannot be that a mayor, a governor, a president is elected, that one is named a minister, and they end up being little kings; distant from the people and they don’t know where the Popular Power organizations are,” said the president.

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He stressed that any model in which the leaders do not know where the people who think and propose are, is simply another bourgeois government. Consequently, he urged everyone to break that bourgeois scheme “and to definitively build the irreversibility of the Bolivarian Revolution with the Popular Power exercising political power, through the presidential councils.”

New model of the State
President Maduro reiterated that Venezuela has been preparing for the People’s Power to exercise political power within a new model of state and management. ” It is the only way to make irreversible the Revolution.”

He added that the other way is to continue playing at bourgeois democracy, with just elections here and there. However, he noted that “beyond the elections—which must all be won by good men and women, programs of truth and capacity—there is also the exercise of political power every day, at all hours.”

He reflected on the concept of democracy as “power of the people,” whose essence is distorted in the bourgeois scheme that hands over power to the economic and political elites that act like mafias.

“A compromise is made between the rich, the elite politicians and the media; they manipulate the elections, they have a representative and bourgeois democracy that they sell as a model for the world,” continued the president. “But the ordinary citizen is never taken into account, or only when there are elections.”

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Lácteos Los Andes, an example
President Nicolás Maduro instructed pertinent authorities to address within 48 hours the criticisms and concerns of the workers of the nationalized company Lácteos Los Andes, food processing company recovered by the Venezuelan State in 2008.

He also insisted that no one should cover up the failures and shortcomings in public agencies, but rather should practice direct criticism. “We must ensure that the working class is heard and that their voice is the mandate in all public enterprises,” he said.

In response to a complaint of a worker spokeswoman about the need for managers to take the workers into account, the president reiterated that the workers must be part of the boards of directors in all nationalized enterprises.

“What is happening in Lácteos Los Andes, they don’t listen to the workers?” exclaimed the president, adding that the workers who raise their voices for the benefit of the socialist model in the State-recovered companies should be protected.

Maduro decried that, in some state companies, some people who reach the presidency or the board of directors ignore the working class and the socialist line, and “assume power as if they were capitalists or even worse than capitalists.”

He added that a new model of management should be formulated in which the workers of the state-owned compnaies will be in the boards of directors. He instructed the vice-president for Social and Territorial Socialism, Eduardo Piñate; the minister for Labor, José Ramón Rivero; and the national coordinator for the Bicentenary Congress of the People, Héctor Rodríguez, to work on this matter.


Featured image: President Nicolás Maduro calls for self-criticism and better and greater socialist management in public enterprises. Photo courtesy of Prensa Presidencial.

(RedRadioVE and RedRadioVE) by José Manuel Blanco Díaz

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