INAC: All Commercial Flights in Venezuela Remain Suspended

Venezuelan National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC) informed the public that flights in Venezuelan airspace are suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is why it urges users not to “echo misleading offers from alleged travel agencies.”

Through a statement, the agency stressed that the coronavirus pandemic forced the suspension of flights since March after the detection of the first case of COVID-19 in the nation, thus complying with the measures taken by the national government.

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“We urge air transport users not to echo misleading offers from alleged travel agencies, regular commercial operations are still suspended in Venezuelan airspace,” Inac posted on its Twitter account this Saturday.

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The clarification comes, says the statement, in the midst of “misleading offers” from alleged travel agencies or private aircrafts that would be offering flights to people to different parts of the world, so they alerted users to “not echo” said offers.

“We urge users of the public air transport service not to echo misleading offers from alleged travel agencies, or private aircraft that offer flights to different parts of the world without having the authorization to make commercial flights, which represents a violation to the current legal regulations,” reads the statement.

They highlighted that the only flights that have been made in Venezuela are humanitarian and cargo ones, which have the authorization of the agency. These trips also have the approval of foreign authorities and comply with safety regulations to prevent COVID-19 infections, according to the statement.

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