International sabotage attempt against Plan Vuelta a Patria denounced


He explained that Migración Colombia has carried out a procedure to force migrant Venezuelans to sign a document in which they misrepresent the reasons for their mobility   


The Deputy Minister of International Communication, William Castillo, denounced that there are maneuvers and pretensions of foreign governments to sabotage the “Plan Vuelta a la Patria” [designed to bring those Venezuelans that have fled the country due the economic war but have been mistreated, bullied or have been victims of xenophobia and do not have means to return to the homeland], promoted by the National Executive to repatriate Venezuelans who emigrated.


Castillo also denounced on Monday an illegal operation carried out by the Colombian Migration against a group of migrants from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, reports a press release from the Foreign Ministry of the Republic.  


“There is an intention to sabotage the “Plan Vuelta a la Patria”, to diminish it, it is a plan that has been set and is an overwhelming international demonstration of the concern of a government for its citizens in a situation of vulnerability abroad,” he said.  


He explained that Migración Colombia has carried out a procedure to force migrant from Venezuela  to sign a document in which they distort the reasons for their mobility.


In the same vein, he questioned the announcement made by the government of the Republic of Chile to repatriate some 200 fellow Chileans from Venezuela, after a group of approximately 100 Venezuelan returned to the Bolivarian Republic from the southern nation.  


“It is a propaganda political operation,” he said.  


Likewise, Castillo denounced that a new diplomatic boycott against Venezuela is being forged on January 10, 2019, as of the beginning of the new constitutional term that will be assumed by the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro, as of that day.  


The Plan Vuelta a la Patria aims to provide support to Venezuelans who emigrated, but who, after encountering an adverse reality in other nations, now wish to return to Venezuela, with the premise of studying, working for peace and social prosperity. economic of the nation.  


So far there are a total of 9,623 compatriots who have returned to the homeland of Simón Bolívar.