Is Conviasa Only Used by “Corrupt Castro-Communist Officials”

Regarding the most recent sanctions that the Treasury Department of the United States applied on Friday against the aircraft fleet of the Venezuelan airline Conviasa, on Twitter a rather peculiar image has reappeared.

This is the ultra-right opposition politician María Corina Machado traveling on the Embraer 190 of Conviasa, in April 2013.

“Conviasa is a major -State owned- airline traveling domestic and international routes. Usually up scale Venezuelans are the ones with means to pay for domestic and international air tickets and those are the ones affected by this recent round of US sanctions against the Venezuelan people,” an analyst said to OT.

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This is the same Maria Corina Machado that met in 2005 with the then president George Bush to ask for US assistance to get rid of President Hugo Chavez.

The excuse used by the US regime to sanction the Venezuelan flagged airline was that “it only transports corrupt officials from Maduro’s regime.”

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Conviasa also has been used lately to transport back to Venezuela -for free- those Venezuelans trapped by the media campaign promising them wonders in any other South American country through a program called “Plan Vuelta a la Patria”. More than 10 thousand Venezuelans have been repatriated for free since 2018.

There is nothing hidden between heaven and Twitter, that is why we present you this featured image of the vociferous anti-Chavista politician, premiering an Embraer 190 of Conviasa, a modern jet that had been acquired -a new package- by the government of President Hugo Chavez at the end of 2012.


Source URL: La IguanaTV with OT content

Translated and edited by JRE/EF