Lavrov Meets with National Dialogue Table: US Sanctions Are Unacceptable

On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov evaluated sanctions imposed by the United States against Venezuela as illegal and in acceptable. In a meeting with representatives of the National Dialogue Table at the headquarters of the Yellow House in Caracas, he said that the goal of the US administration is to promote a popular uprising against the legitimate government.

“The economic recession that is being experienced in Venezuela comes from attempts through a campaign carried out in order to overthrow the legitimate government, even using force. It is outrageous that unilateral actions in the United States affect social issues,” he remarked.

Lavrov said Friday that Russia will go to the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) to discuss the illegal use of force and “sanctions” or coercive measures against sovereign countries. He asserted that attempts to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela are inadmissible.

He considered that the way to guarantee stability in the South American country is the National Dialogue Table, which he thanked for the invitation made by this instance, formed to guarantee peace in the nation. “This invitation reflects the trust between our countries. Venezuela is an old partner of Russia. We want any country to be independent,” he said.

He stressed that the dialogue in Venezuela is an act open to all political parties. “It is clear that radical politicians are allergic to these events. We are convinced that the ambitions of certain politicians do not have to dominate the interests of the people,” he said.

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He expressed the willingness of the Russian government to accompany Venezuela in this process. “We will continue with our efforts. I wish you success,” he said.

National Dialogue Table rejects sanctions
For his part, Henri Falcón, representative of the Advanced Progressive opposition party at the National Dialogue Table, said that his bench aspires to “a change of democratic form. With a vision that promotes multilateralism and not interference or intervention in internal affairs of the country.”

He said it is illegal to “join those requests for armed foreign invasions because of reasons of sovereignty, history and dignity. There is a sector that longs for a coup and another that encourages the necessary political change,” he said.

Opposition delegates in the National Dialogue Table. Henry Falcon speaking. AVN

He rejected the maneuver of coercive measures against Venezuela promoted by members of the radical opposition in alliance with the US government. He stressed that this plan is driven by four opposition political parties.

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Likewise, the vice president for Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, said: “With our friends in the opposition we have different visions of society, but we agree that solutions must be sought among Venezuelans and not through aggressive positions that then end up affecting the political future of Venezuela; we are all victims of the sanctions.”

The minister also acknowledged the cooperation of the Russian government at a time when “Venezuela receives multiform attacks”, while pointing out that these types of meetings favor the approach and allow how the country must face vulnerabilities to be known.

Government delagates to the National Dialogue Table. AN

He recalled that on more than 600 occasions President Nicolás Maduro has urged the opposition to accept channels of dialogue to settle differences, and in that sense the Dialogue Table committed to set routes such as the formation of a new directive of the National Electoral Council ( CNE).

Similarly, he stressed that despite the destabilizing claims and coercive measures of the US, Venezuela is at peace and develops normally.

In that sense, the Chancellor of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza, said during his participation that, in the debate that took place this Friday “there is a coincidence and it is respect for the Constitution, international law and the independence of Venezuela. This forum must be a witness so the world knows this initiative that has come to be a channel of sincere dialog.”

Featured image: Lavrov and Arreaza entering the meeting in “Casa Amarilla”, in the background a painting of Latin America’s Che Guevara. Fausto Torrealba, AVN

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