Is the Episcopal Conference Splitting From Guaido and G4? (Parliamentary Elections)

This Tuesday, August 11, the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference, the Catholic Church’s highest body, issued a statement in which it criticized the abstentionist sector of the Venezuelan opposition. “Abstention is not enough,” said the clergy, while making the call to vote on December 6 in the parliamentary elections.

The Catholic body, from a sustained anti-Chavista stance as it has always had, stressed that abstentionism deprives Venezuelans of their rights within the National Assembly.

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They recalled in the letter the parliamentary elections of 2005, where the opposition used the same formula to demobilize its followers: “Something similar happened in December 2005 and it had no positive result,” they said.

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From a distance that has been progressively marked by the imaginary government of Juan Guaidó, the Catholic body did not stop attacking the national government and the efficiency of the Electoral Power; it said that despite “the irregularities of the event,” they would have to go to the polls.

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