CNE Activates 24 Locations to Receive Nominations for Parliament

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Indira Alfonzo Izaguirre, installed on Monday, 24 registration points in the regional electoral offices all over the country and in its headquarters in Caracas, to receive nominations of the candidates to the National Assembly (AN), assuring that this process advances as scheduled.

She explained that organizations with political purposes and indigenous women will be able to nominate their candidates from August 10th to 19th.

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“Today the protocol for the nominations of male and female candidates, as well as indigenous peoples to the Venezuelan parliament, was fully and successfully installed in the 24 states at their regional offices,” she said.

She added that the training of the officials who will participate in the elections will be evaluated. “It is for us a commitment to comply with the sanitary protocols of the electoral processes that are being carried out in the country,” she said.

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Alfonzo also recalled that the CNE is committed to biosanitary protocols to take care of the health of voters and all those who participate in the electoral process.

She added that information about this process will be provided through the media and the CNE website (

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