Revolutionary Militant Carlos Lanz Reported Missing

This Sunday family members and social movements reported the disappearance of the sociologist, revolutionary militant and former Venezuelan guerrilla commander, Carlos Lanz.

In messages published on the Twitter social network, Alex Lanz reported that after 24 hours of not knowing his whereabouts, they made the decision to notify the competent authorities to undertake a search.

“My father Carlos Lanz has been missing for at least 24 hours. Something strange for those who know him. My family and friends have been looking for him for a few hours. Hopefully it is a confusion,” said Lanz Jr. in a first message.

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Next, he gave parts of the situation that occurred to the 72-year-old revolutionary militant, who disappeared in Maracay, Aragua state, his whereabouts are not yet known.

“Update (10:51) The family is making the report in the Cicpc where they live. In Maracay, Aragua, there is a rumor that says “he appeared at his house”, unfortunately it is false (I wish it was true but it is NOT). Many of the old guard know that this old man is disciplined,” he detailed in the aforementioned network.

He also reviewed data on the disappeared person to steer public opinion, which would allow him to be found.

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“Update (2:15 pm). They have written to me asking for information about my father: Height 1.72. Age 76 years. Marks: A scar at the throat, one on the back of the right ear, a mole between the eyebrows. Bald, white beard.” Then he provided a contact (0416-6227463), for any information.

Carlos Lanz has been a member of the PRV, FALN, and historical founder of various revolutionary and popular organizations, he synthesized the well-known Invedecor Method, currently promoted by the MPPE and an essential work tool of the Venezuelan teaching sector, creator and coordinator of the program “All Hand to the Planting,” a writer of various texts used for political training in different aspects.

He is currently investigating the problem of fourth generation hybrid wars; a specialist in the dismantling of the covert psychological operations of imperialism against the Venezuelan people. Promoter of the Tactical Method of Revolutionary Resistance (MTRR) applied with success and popular victory during the mercenary incursion of Operation Gideon.

His analysis of the “War of the Bridges” is already a mainstay of the people’s war, followed by many sectors including the FANB. Carlos Lanz has spent several years working and socializing knowledge about proxy wars, asymmetric warfare, and is also a specialist in unconventional communication; he is part of the communicational guerrilla team Comunicadores en Acción @ comunicadores21, which makes him a military target for the enemies of the homeland.

Featured image: File photo of Carlos Lanz.

(Ciudad CCS)

Translation: OT/JRE/EF

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