Macuto Bay of Pigs: US Led Mercenary Incursion (Part 2)

Caracas, May 4, 2020 (Orinoco Tribune).- Today Venezuelan Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB) and intelligence agencies, guided by the fishermen militias and organized communities in the town of Chuao, Aragua state, captured ten mercenaries belonging to the sea incursion unveiled yesterday in the La Guaira state area of Macuto.

The civic-military unity of Chavismo was evident in images showing local fisherman in Chuao taking active participation in the intelligence operation. In the first image of the captured mercenaries, it can be read in the background that they were in front of the “Socialist Fishermen House” in Chuao.

Venezuelan officials have not yet made a public recounting of the events and it might be because of the ongoing nature of the search and capture operations. Cliver Alcala, the Venezuelan mercenary leader of this operation was captured in Colombia a few weeks ago. He was immediately deported to the United States where he is currently being protected. He made public statements before leaving Colombia, mentioning a total of 300 mercenaries being trained in that country, more precisely in La Guajira, the north eastern coastal area bordering Venezuela.

From social media sources, this is the information available at the moment about the ten mercenaries. Two of them were captured later in an unpopulated area between Puerto Cruz and Puerto Maya, also in Aragua state.

  • Two are US citizens identified as Aaron and Luke.
  • Antonio Sequea, head of the operation, deserter lieutenant
  • Rodolfo Rodriguez, deserter policeman (captured near Puerto Maya)
  • Yerferson Fernandez, deserter policeman (captured near Puerto Maya)
  • Gustavo Adolfo Hernandez
  • Josnars Adolfo Baduel, son of jailed General, Raul Baduel.
  • Juvenal Sequea, deserter captain

In the video below, the moment when Antonio Sequea and Josnars Baduel were transferred to a law enforcement facility in La Guaira can be seen.

Images of the two US mercenaries circulated in social media showing them before being captured and after being captured.

In the video below, Josnars Baduel was providing information to authorities in a very expedited fashion and saying that the two US mercenaries worked for Donald Trump’s head of security, Keith Schiller.

Guaido, US and Colombia connection

In the early hours Monday, social networks in Venezuela reverberated with images, videos and audios made public by a hard core anti-Chavista journalist based in Miami, Patricia Poleo, presenting irrefutable evidence of the connection between Juan Guaido and the mercenaries. The journalist presented a scan of a contract signed by them in Colombia financing the adventurist mission.

As expected Juan Guaido went online and denied any wrong doing and again, AP’s Joshua Goodman took charge of making his denial public, using his twitter account. Several analysts have highlighted the systematic role of this Miami based “journalist” in setting the table for regime change operations in Venezuela.

This an ongoing story and Venezuelan authorities have not provided more information due to the national security nature of this incident. Orinoco Tribune will provide additional information when it is available.


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