Maria Zakharova: US Moving Special Forces and Equipment to the Venezuelan Border

In a series of tweets posted in her twitter account a few hours ago Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that the US government is moving special forces to the borders of Venezuela along with military equipment.

She also alerted that the same US government (and US companies) with the help of some NATO allies is seeking to buy arms and ammunition in east European countries to arm the Venezuelan opposition.

This weekend near the Tienditas Bridge, the Venezuelan border with Colombia, there are two concerts being organized, one calling for peace and labeled #HandsOffVenezuela on the Venezuelan side of the border, the other on the Colombian side called Aid Venezuela, trying to forcefully introduce into Venezuela’s border some so called “humanitarian aid” delivered by the US Army Southern Command. In this respect Zaharova stated that “It is fraught with a clash of the current government’s supporters and opponents and provides a convenient pretext for forceful action to remove the legitimate President from power”.


The Russian and Chinese governments are straregic allies of the Venezuelan goverment but lately the Russian Goverment is the most outspoken about US promoting “regime change” in Venezuela with the excuse of “humanitarian aid”.


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