Mercenary Operation Gideon: Million Dollar Lawsuit in the US Against Guaido, Leopoldo Lopez and JJ Rendon

The Venezuelan ambassador to the UN, Samuel Moncada, released evidence presented by the mercenary Jordan Goudreau in a US court, part of Goudreau’s lawsuit against the opposition’s Juan Guaidó and his other partners in the terrorist plan Operation Gideon. The former green beret is suing Guaidó and his advisor Juan Jose Rendón (aka JJ Rendon) for $1.4 million for breach of contract, according to a news article published by the right-wing Miami Herald on Friday.

This operation, thwarted by the government of President Nicolás Maduro in May of this year, had among its objectives the assassination/kidnapping of the Venezuelan President and other leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution, and the establishment of a de facto government in the country that would serve the interests of the United States.

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Through a Twitter thread, Moncada shows part of the content of the lawsuit, supported by documentary evidence taken from the Miami Herald piece.

“Goudreau provides specific information on the participation of Juan Guaidó and his boss, Leopoldo López, in the terrorist operation. He also provides his contacts with Trump administration officials who promoted the project. Nobody knows more about this plan than Goudreau,” says Moncada.

Among the information revealed is that on May 21, a few days after the operation was discovered and in the wake of the terrorist incursion’s failure off the Venezuelan coast, the FBI raided an apartment in Boca de Ratón (Florida), where Goudreau was staying. “They hoped to find and kill him, that he would resist and it would end in a confrontation, and then be called ‘death by police.’ His way to save his life is to reveal everything he knows to the public, and to sue Guaidó,” Moncada commented in another tweet.

Likewise Goudreau, owner of the mercenary company SilverCorp, told several officials of the Trump Administration to be aware of their adventures.

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Among those mentioned are Andrew Horn, aide to Vice President Mike Pence; Jason Beardsley, a war veteran who works in the Veterans Department; and Keith Schiller, in charge of Trump’s security for years before becoming president and owner of the company KS Global Group, who still maintains very close ties with the tycoon.

“Andrew Horn promised Goudreau the official licenses necessary to buy and export the weapons used in the operation. Attorney Travis Lucas handled the arrangements and charged $30,000 for his work. Goudreau showed the payment invoices,” highlighted the Venezuelan ambassador.

Additionally, Goudreau reports that Guaidó asked his gringo bosses for $20 million to unleash a so-called “war between gangs” in the Venezuelan capital and generate greater chaos, synchronized with the armed incursions that were to occur on the country’s coasts.

It also points out that, according to what’s stipulated in the contract, Guaidó “would deny everything” if the operation failed.


Featured image: Guaidó/Goudreau mercenaries in Colombia before the fiasco. File photo.

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