Mexico: Women From All Over the World Will Raise Their Voices Against Gender Violence

This weekend, women will meet at the Second International Meeting of Women who Fight, convened by the EZLN.

Thousands of women will make the Chiapas mountain range rumble this weekend by discussing, analyzing and proposing actions against the attrition of daily gender-based violence.

Meeting at the Second International Meeting of Women who Fight, convened by the members of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), from different countries, states and ethnicities, they will join their voices into one, to bare before the present the harsh reality of a topic that should not be ignored.


‘They kill and disappear us because we are women’

“Maybe you remember that in the First Meeting we made an agreement that we have to be alive. But, well, we see that the killing and disappearance of women continues. Of all ages and all social conditions.

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“They kill and disappear us because we are women. And, in addition, they still tell us that it is our fault, because we dress as we dress, we walk where we walk, at such times in such places,” reads the statement issued by the Zapatistas in past September.

In the document, fatigue is present in each of its lines. The women, those there and those here, are tired. In the last sighs of 2019, the slogan is no other than “we have to be alive”.

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They meet for the second consecutive year

The Zapatistas, like millions of women who this year mobilized around the world to enforce their rights and put a stop to violence, know that if those who must generate public policies to protect them do not, they will all take care of promoting actions that allow them to live.

The women in struggle will congregate in this event that will take place from the 27th to the 29th this month at the “Footprints of Comandanta Ramona’ s Walk”, in The Whirlwind Snail of Our Words located in the community of Morelia, autonomous municipality 17 of November.

“The system wants us to just shout in pain, despair, anguish, helplessness. Now it is about shouting together, but of rage, of courage, of indignation. But not everyone on his side, shattered as they rape and kill us and make us disappear, but together, although each in his time, his place and his way. And suddenly, companion and sister, how about we learn not only to scream in rage, and we also find the way, place and time, to shout a new world,” the statement said.

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Translated by JRE/EF



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