Normality Returns to Apure Following Clashes with Colombian Narco-Terrorists

Peace has been returning to the town of La Victoria in Apure state, Venezuela. The Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) reports that it has restored the state of affairs disturbed by Colombian narco-terrorist groups.

This Wednesday, March 31, Venezuelan documentary filmmaker Daniel Quintero reported from the area that the Venezuelans who fled to the Colombian side of the border are gradually returning home.

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Communications Minister Freddy Ñáñez confirmed that “little by little the inhabitants of La Victoria in Apure state are returning to their homes.”

He added that the community has been organizing peoples’ assemblies to resolve their problems. “This is their country, that war is the only foreign thing,” Ñáñez posted on his Twitter account.

Since last March 21, the FANB has been deployed in the area to combat Colombian criminal groups that wanted to install a drug trafficking production network in Venezuela.

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During the withdrawal of these criminal gangs—operating behind the façade of “dissident guerrillas”—they intimidated the population and caused a displacement of some inhabitants to the Colombian side of the border.

Disguised attack
Venezuelan authorities denounced that this incursion into the town of La Victoria is a disguised form of aggression by the government of Iván Duque , who seeks to escalate tensions between the two countries and precipitate a larger conflict.

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces dismantled several hideouts of these armed criminal networks, seized ammunition, narco-planes and drugs, and captured several members of these mafia organizations.

For their part, the narco-terrorists applied methods of violent intimidation upon the population: they blew up a Seniat (Venezuelan Customs) local post, attacked the electrical system, and prevented Corpoelec technicians from restoring service in the area.

At the same time, Venezuela denounced that these groups reached new heights of cruelty and criminality by planting antipersonnel mines in the national territory.


Featured image: Venezuelans returning to La Victoria, Apure state after clashes between Colombian narco-paramilitary gangs and Venezuelan army. Photo courtesy of @luchalmada.

(RedRadioVE) by Carlos Arellan

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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